Saturday, July 23, 2011

The return of the Temple

Dear Fallens,
Finally after months of sky life our Temple is back.
Feel at Home,

Celebration Facts
Fortune Teller: Aureum Skins and Outfits available at the fortune Teller from 23 July to 31 August 2011, check a preview here:
New discounted products: as an apology to previous customers of packs or singles.
(Check a small turquoise triangle over products, it indicates it's discounted.)
Discounts last till 31 August 2011

- I added some new makeup editions for clowns, arboreals, elves;
- fixed male dust elementals (red and blue goatee now have runes;
- new packs are available on brand new skin panels.
- Pixies price dropped to 1500, for that reason the New Pixie Flame is discounted up to 70%
- Diana shape is on sale again.

Stay tuned, many more things are going to return...

Thursday, July 21, 2011


There's not much to add, except that the incredible work and talent of Yabusaka gave Me that creative sparkle of love towards Second Life which was fading slowly this last year.
Anyway....did I said, metallic robot avatar with glowy circuits?
Folks, we are going to have some crazy thrill/fun soon.
God save the Mesh.
Check more about Mesh avatars by Yabusaka here:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Deep Within"

(Did I really wrote 2010 on those panels?...)

"I walked to the morning snow, just a lone owl following the rythmic sound of my step cracks in the iced snow; I walked in the morning snow and I felt lost. The silence started to hurt my ears, the cold scent of ice making me wish to stop and never continue again, but I did.
And you waited for me."
The Tower of Memory

From the Author
Snow and ice can be a warm silence to seek inside of us that small hidden place where everything exists, we ourselves as our memories. I hope you find that warm room and enjoy your stay,
Alia Baroque

"Deep Within" I

"Deep Within" II

"Deep Within" III