Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Faire is dead. Long live the Faire.

I am unsure where to start...but I know how it ended. I got: burnt alive by dragons, drowned in a kid's pool , stabbed by scissors, assaulted by a koala with a cannon, piled up by 8 avatars, some pretty heavy, sold My naked chest for donation sake, got slapped by fish and forced to a shotgun marriage to a tiny black cat. But in general... I had the best time ever. Thank you Fantasy Faire, thank you friends, thanks to all of you that made that event beautiful for eyes, spirit and soul.
Thank You.
Sincerely Yours,
Alia Baroque

I wished to collect here a few pics from the Faire, but realised they are hundreds I wanted to include, so go ahead, check the official flickr group or simply search for fantasy faire recent pics, who knows you might grab some fancy and amusing spotlight.

And now something completely different. I am participating at the Beltane Festival with Libertine. Check the post on My Libertine blog, it has boobs.

Captain Ferret and The Jungle Bungles, will be back (eventually)