Saturday, March 9, 2019

Unrealistic expectations

It's time to feed your unrealistic expectations at this year Skinfair's Fallen Gods Incarnated store with some orcish and sparkly genetics you never knew you might even think about incarnating into. Demos are sent in groups in case the sim is full and there's a hidden blessing as a gift for you at the fair store. Hope you enjoy,

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Sanctum: a Twisted Divine

The applier update and re-release of Sanctum tattoo comes with this spring edition of Twisted Divine Hunt. Find the first metal color pack with the first hint here below then follow the main hunt or stop for a mini hunt to collect all the color packs. Hope you enjoy,

HINT 1 of 5: It's Elemental, Watson.
More on:
TELEPORT to the Temple

Saturday, February 16, 2019

An undesired Valentine

A couple of days ago for the holiday of bad romance I thought would be nice to send a sincere wish and small gift to all of my customers using the Casper system. My gift didn't include any notecard, promo or link, it was simply, well, a gift. I realized today after quite a stir, some unpleasant complaints and insults, that my interpretation of the Casper system was probably wrong and I apologize for that and disrupting your Second Life experience by sending you an undesired Valentine.

I can here assure my customers that they won't receive any more gifts for Christmas, Valentine's day or any other reason than an Update through the system and they have to refer to my official group.

My reasoning seemed sensible at the time as a lot of my patrons keep their messages capped and contact me and my CSR afterward, but I also didn't count in that the majority of my customers are not patrons but occasional buyers unfamiliar with my attitude, creations and marketing approach. So far I sent 3 gifts in the past 5 years of using Caspervend and 11 years of running a creative brand in Second Life: 2 for Christmas and one for Valentine's day. Those that are familiar with my ways know my main support is customer satisfaction and word of mouth, and I don't need to rely on "tricks" to grow my support base.
Said that my apology is sincere, and I know for many I just came out as a random -dude- sending you an unwanted pantie box with stuff. To you, I say I hope we will get to know each other better and you will forgive my interruption with a future positive relationship.
Alia Baroque

Please notice that the following products state they are notice and update tools for the special type of creations as stated on their sale panel:
Chronos Collectable Egg 63 - Gives Updates to Collectors whenever a new Egg is released or available.
Villa Ambrata Keys - Will send an update when VIllas are released for purchase

Thursday, February 14, 2019

A libertine valentine

The day of bad romance and red roses is here. I enjoy the festivity as a reminder on how romance can be amusing, attractive and is to celebrate all year long. Because remember, today is Valentine, for the rest of the year, there's Libertine... click

A few special promotions for this Holiday, a few new releases, events and re-openings. The New Libertine showroom is open for you to visit with a new release, Redeux also opens tonight with new releases and there's a special discounted promotion on a new release on Marketplace. Hope you enjoy,

Promotion lasts 13 to 21 February
Teleport to REDEUX

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Uruk Kin Genesis

The Second Birth is now: Uruk Kin the genesis of the older Fallen Legacy genetics. A pre-release for a major skin series, still partially beta but open for updates in the hope you will enjoy the incarnation already. A few face makeups to bless your steps in addition to the skins and the sets are available at this special "Lord of the Rings" themed round of Enchantment. Hope you enjoy, 
February 9th to March 4th

Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Scale of Love

More than a Libertine Egg or less than used panties? As Dessert or as Gold? More than Grappa or less than nothing? I offer you a reasonable way to express your appreciation to your loved, or not, ones through a very reliable measure system. You are also invited to visit the new rebuilt Libertine Manor Showroom. Hope you enjoy,

The Scale of Love
Copy and Transfer packs with Transfer singles available for purchase separately in the showroom.
Cupid's Step Display
Included in the sets but also a Fallen Gods Inc. group gift until 14 February. (touch the panel with group tag on)

TELEPORT to the new Sky Manor

More Libertine Valentine:
Libertine at the 30L ANniversary Fair / link to post

Saturday, February 2, 2019

A 30L Valentine warmup

The month of love, sensuality and masquerades starts low key and low price, opening with a soft growing focus on Libertine by tradition during this time of the year. A suggestion, a whisper, a nudge towards gifting, thoughts of love and the overall amusement we can enjoy during the charade of senses. I hope you enjoy,

30L Anniversary, 2-10 February
Libertine with 30L deals on transfer boxes and gifting set single items
Fallen Gods Inc. with 30L deals on Touch of a Lover tattoo, all colors
Sartoria Italiana collaboration with Faida 30L Deal on Nymphe Gold.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January Updates

I updated vendor profiles, added panels and made past releases available at the Temple. Also the New Year specials are now available for regular sale. Hope you enjoy and find something you were looking for until the next batch of due releases next month,

Teleport to the Temple

  • EVOLUTION skin sets now available at the Sidhe and Outerverse area for regular sale / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • OPAL Laguna & Ice skin sets now available at the Sidhe area / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • CRYSTAL outfits now available near the tattoo area / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • LEGEND tattoo now available at the tattoo area / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • SIGIL of SAMAEL tattoo now available at the tattoo area / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • BLACK BLOOD GAZE face tattoo now available at the face tattoo pillar / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • ESPRIT SAVAGE gacha now available at the Faida collaboration area and Faida Mainstore / LINK TO PREVIEWS

Saturday, January 19, 2019

A New Evolution

A New Year always calls for an evolution of ourself, a vision ahead towards the future, and such is a futuristic month of January with a few events and the Group New Year Special. Hope you enjoy, 

Gothic Garage Sale / January 18 - February 3 / TELEPORT
Midwinter Fair / January 19-24 / TELEPORT

New Year Group Special / January 18-25 / TELEPORT
(Group currently closed to join until end of Promotion)
Evolution, Biologic Musk / 100% Group Discount
Evolution, Biologic Violet / 50% Group Discount
Evolution, Biologic Argentum / 25% Group Discount

Saturday, January 5, 2019


The day came when only the brave will bring fish and wiggle their tails. The Day came where Penguin music warlocks will dominate the ice stage with powerful music of fish doom. The Day came, will you?

(Join the Traditional Good Luck Fishslapping Penguin party at the beginning of the Year to bring good luck and herrings, everyone welcome, penguins, faes, otters, EVEN humans)

TONIGHT/TODAY ( depending on your time zone, timezones suck) at 1pm SLT, at Selidor.

FEATURING: The Penguin PLAICE/OFF (poster by Dave O'Saurus)

Monday, December 24, 2018

Best Wishes

Dear Fallen Libertine,
My Sincere Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season, Festivities and incoming New Year.

About Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine Yule Season

Saturday, December 22, 2018

A Twisted Dandelion Hollow

Twisted Krissmus, Dandelion Winterdreams Factory and Winter's Hollow are three holiday-themed events I am happy to participate. With Libertine and Fallen gifts and releases, they are here to brighten this Season Festivities and fill your second life with discoveries, winter lanes and creativity.
Hope you enjoy,

Twisted Krissmus / Teleport 
Dandelion Winterdreams Factory / Teleport
Winter's Hollow / Teleport
More about this year's Yule Season (link to post)

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Winter Opals & Crystals

New Wintery Ice Opals at We Love Roleplay complete the series of winter opals for the last rounds of Events, while Ice Crystal Outfits integrate them at The Liaison Collaborative. Hope you enjoy,

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Esprit Savage

The special seasonal round of Epiphany brings you Esprit Savage, a lingerie and dresses set that can be combined, matched, exposed and enjoyed. For your enjoyment,
Alia & Titania

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Merry Redeux

The most festive round of Redeux is live just this week with winter and seasonal deals, new releases and special treats and gifts. Hope you enjoy,

Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Libertine Christmas 2018

Dear Libertine Fallen,
The new Libertine Christmas Gacha set is out and you can find it in a number of locations below. Free copy balls are available in many other locations, under friend's trees and events. I hope you'll enjoy and have a lovely time decorating this year,

IMPORTANT: To use the Decorations you need 2017 Update 3.0 (No need for a recent update)
More about the Yule season here

Gacha Locations:
Temple Showroom /Teleport
Libertine Sky Showroom / Teleport
Redeux Teleport
Winter's Hollow / Teleport 
Twisted Krissmus / Teleport 
Dandelion Winterdreams Factory / Teleport

The complete Gacha Includes: 2 RARES, 49 commons, 1 secret.

GLASS BALLS PACK: 18 versions, all commons
Includes Interactive, standalone and decor Ribbon, Display, high display, wreaths, nature wreaths, broken (modify)
SILK BALLS PACK: 7 versions, all commons
Includes Interactive, standalone with Holly and Ribbon (modify)
DIORAMA BALLS PACK: 4 versions, all commons
Includes rezzable Diorama ornament and invasive wearable Diorama ornament (with resizer)
RIBBON PACK: 7 versions, all commons
Includes Bell Ornament and, Frame Ornament with two ribbon styles (modify)
CANDLE PACKS: 4 versions, all commons
Includes Interactive and decorative (with resizer)
TOPPER PACKS: 1 versions, common
Includes Interactive and standalone, enables music on tree and as standalone decor.
FURNITURE: Decorator's Stool, 7 commons and 1 rare
Luxury Edition RARE: Includes Texture change system (All 7 textures) - Female single sits (11), Male single sits (11), Seasonal single animations (7), Couple animations (25), Adult foreplay (5), Adult action (11)
Color Commons: Includes Female single sits (6), Male single sits (6), Seasonal single animations (7)
DECOR: 3 items, 2 commons, 1 rare, 1 secret
Ornament's Heirloom Chest (RARE) and Empty Chest.

Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine Gifts differ in each location
There are a few gifts that are the same in each location, but a few change and those are Libertine Baubles and a few set of Fallen Gods Inc. Tattoos. An additional set of gifts is this year's Yule Thoughts that also can be found in different locations, see previews below.