Saturday, May 22, 2021

Fallen Ice, Libertine Fire

Back on track this weekend with recolors, re-releases and deals. Am bringing back Magnificat, a face jewelry design and filigree in silver shade and tintable for Ice and Fire, where you can also find the Second Edition of the Arazzi cushions for Libertine, both 20% off for the event duration. This Sunday also there's a deal on both shades of the corner bookcase 
for 35L Sunday and 20% off a newly released Divider, Tales of Might. I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend, 

Don't miss the little gift.

Info about Ice and Fire:
Info about 35L Sunday:

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Lost in translation

A notice about messages not going through: I had consistent issues lately with crashing on login and general inventory issues, so there is a big chance I have missed your instant messages, notes, objects, gifts or invites if were sent to me. Please consider that I rarely not reply to messages, even if it is to redirect them to Sonya, my partner and CSR (customer service representative). Feel free to message me again through Sonya, if something concerning my creations and events, or a mail to I will be trying to fix my issues in the next weeks while also taking some time off the public eye. I will be also bringing to the store past releases, providing the winners of the live auction with final packs and there's an event kickstarting on the 21 I am in. I hope you all had an amazing Faire and we'll go back to usual Fallen business soon. Yours,

Links where you can follow my work:
SL Inworld Group

Please redirect your CSR questions and Event invites to: Sonya Marmurek (also link in my partner tab)
Please consider we are taking some time off until the end of May and we will get back to you slowly.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Live Auction: The Rune Grandmaster

Today at Noon slt starts the legendary Fantasy Faire live auction, where you can get yourself a piece of the Faire itself, new buses and more! The event will take place on Paer Thura, you will be able to listen in on Fantasy Faire Radio and also bid by proxy. Soon a post with all previews and info will appear on the official website, meanwhile, here's what you will be able to get from Valhalla this year. 
Hope you enjoy and thank you for your support, remember the Faire has been extended until the 12th so still time to visit it whole!

Fantasy Faire official webstie
TELEPORT to Paer Thura

The Rune Grandmaster Specs
Included in the set are:
- Runemaster wooden Great Hall
- Top wooden Hall
  (with wall end or dual entry)
- Light Altar, complete
- altar stave rune rocks (the splats)
- Yggdrasil floor map of realms
- floor & hanging Braziers (3 types) 
- decorative stands
- Great Hall interactive RUne stands
- 24 Rune rocks
- 24 Decorative & holdable runes
- 24 info notecards & memory hints
- custom apprentice hand tattoo
  (color by choice)
  bonus: signed ratatoskr poster
  models, floating runes & model       
  styles not included

everything mod/copy/no transfer
ETA delivery: end of may 2021

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Allseeing Petites

Last, but never the least, my favourite little allseeing messengers, whispering in my ear all the Faire happenings, are now out. Allseeing Petites are available as a 100% donation to RFl at Valhalla for the duration of the Faire, they might come to the Temple or return only next Faire, same as all the special editions currently available. Hope you enjoy,

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Valhalla's Memorial, a generic version, is the region prize for this year's Quest. The original is dedicated to Fenn MacMoragh. There will be a memorial tribal dance dedicated to our friend this Thor's day, May 6, at 6pm slt on Valhalla with music by Dj Haz and the presence of friends and whoever wishes to come, am sure Fenn will like that.
Memorial Dance - Thor's Day May 6, 6pm slt - Valhalla

About this year's Quest
Join this year's Faireland's Quest: Get your Hud at the Faire and begin the Adventure! This year's prizes from me include the Valhalla Memorial, Valhalla Libertine Egg and Orthae tattoo in metals. Hope you enjoy,

Monday, May 3, 2021

Silver Oracle

Finally, after being postponed during the 13th Anniversary, Silver Oracles are here. So little to be done yet took more than half a Faire to have them released. 20% off and 100% proceeds for charity, hope you enjoy,

Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Rune Master

With the risk of the pawlice learning even more powerful magic and rune mastery, the Runes will return today after noon slt., with a special gift for everyone, for those that dare to touch the sacred light, and will remain until the end of the Faire.

TELEPORT to Valhalla

About the Rune Master
Dear Fairelander,
Every day of the Faire you will be able to search for two runes.12 days of Faire, 24 runes; join the sacred hunt, become a rune master with the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients. Valhalla welcomes you. Rune hints will appear daily in the great halls. Look for the current magic runes, click them and get a hint. With the hint explore Valhalla and find the giver rune. (past runes won’t be re-released)

Friday, April 30, 2021


The Fate of the Gods lays in your hands: join the ultimate battle between Fear and Hope that ends all things, be reborn stronger and worthy. Ragnarök is here.

Join Fairelanders this Friday, April 30 from 4 to 6 pm slt, for a fundraising party also know as the Jail & Bail of Alia Baroque. Two unique skin sets will be available only for the duration of the event through which you can control the narrative. Ritualistic music provided by your Drum Jokey Lilith Von Hexem. I hope to see you there,

LINK-  Listen to the Fantasy Faire Radio Promo and more about all the Jail and Bail Events.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Eggsclusive Collection 2021

Dear Libertine and Eggthusiast,
All Collectable Egg Specials are available at Fantasy Faire as RFL Charity donation items. While the majority is available in regular vendors, 7 are on silent auction and just one copy of each is available this year (exception on Eggs Gratia and Lux that have 2 copies each available yearly). The Special commemorative Valhalla Egg will be available as Prize for the -Fairelands Quest- which is planned to start on Thursday April 29 afternoon slt. and lasts until the end of Fantasy Faire.
Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for supporting the cause,

TELEPORT to the Silent Auction site
Silent Auction ends on Saturday, May 8 at Noon slt-
TELEPORT to Valhalla, Libertine & Fallen Gods Inc. Faire Location
You can purchase the Quest HUD at the Arrival.
Fantasy Faire Official Website

Quest Prize Collectable Egg

Silent Auction Collectable Eggs

Regular RFL vendors Collectable Eggs

All Year-round Available Gacha Eggs

All Year-round Available Eggs for sale

Special Gift Card Treasury Eggs

Eggs Number 69 and 100 are Currently Unreleased.

Sunday, April 25, 2021


 Join the Aesir in the Realm across the Bifrost to feast with lost friends worthy of Odin’s mead.
Fantasy Faire 2021 has started and the Fairelands are back from the Mysts, Valhalla is one of them. Welcome back home.

TELEPORT to Valhalla

Everything you need to know about Fantasy Faire:

Thanks for the incredible pictures by (click names for flickr galleries) Sachi Dog (Vix Zhou), Sunny Difference, Adair (nadjanator), Sukubae (Sukubia Scarmon), Lelam RavenhurstFerren Skytower, Dr. Justen Tyme (justentyme), Wildstar Beaumont and me.