Saturday, July 25, 2020


Darkwood is the new incarnation of Fallen Wood Nymphs, available at Midsummer Enchantment with all the Dryads range, everything 20% off. You can also find Libertine at the event with a new black and gold vase and a range of great creators to keep me company. Hope you enjoy,

Event closes on July 26
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Sunday, June 28, 2020


Dear Fallen Libertines,
I hope you will visit and enjoy my contribution to this year's Second Life Birthday Celebration, be it by visiting 'The Planetarium', the 4th and last Zodiac themed place/event of this year or enjoying some shopping at the Store with everything on display at 20% off. In those shifting times I invite you to float with me, take a moment in the stars and return to them. Always yours,

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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Galatea Park

Don't miss this 2020 Relay weekend, hope you enjoy the Park.
Always primming around,

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The RFL weekend sites will be open until Thursday (allegedly).

Thanks to Sonya, Nadja and Avariel for the lovely pictures: 
(and everyone that is visiting and taking mementos)
Galatea Park 3 Galatea Park 4 Galatea Park 5 Galatea Park 1 Galatea Park 2 Galatea Park - 03 Galatea Park - 02 Galatea Park - 01 Chronicles of Adair: Journey's End RFL2020 - Galatea Park, by Alia Baroque RFL2020 - Galatea Park, by Alia Baroque

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Big Bang Refuge

Dear Fallen Libertines, 
Here's a last-minute post about a couple of events I am in this May, hope is still worth your attention as they will close soon, especially ROMP, where I have the new Refuge. It's currently just in red but I will be sending an update with the full-color palette tomorrow.
At We Love Roleplay, which is still open for a week, you can find Universe Big Bang, at 25% off, and an anniversary cheapie. Hope you enjoy and I slowly see you from the next days onwards, 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Uber Purple

As the Faire sinks into the Mysts until next year, I am here to catch up on notices and let you know that I'm also in a few other events, to start with this month's Uber with new Psychic Moonlights, 30% off. Hope you enjoy,


Friday, May 8, 2020

Keep Calm and Faire On

We're not done yet. There's a whole weekend of Fantasy Faire still here and thinking that once upon a time it lasted a week, this is equivalent to almost a third of a Faire! So stop despairing, put your rav.. I mean faire pants on and come quest, celebrate, visit, tour, ride and enjoy Fantasy Faire 2020. It's not over until it's over, 

Specific Appointments:
Zodiac Litfest Tour Encore, with Saffia and yours truly
Saturday, May 9, 9 am slt
The Night Theater "Written in the Stars" Performance, an Encore of the unique Show made for the Fallen 12th Anniversary.
Saturday May 9, 11 am slt

Stuff to not miss before the Faire ends:
Collectable Eggs, Special Editions
The chance to get your copy will not be presented until 2021 with FAntasy FAire and perhaps a few editions at the Home and Garden Expo.
Link to Blog Post with previews and more info

Petite Special Editions
Even If I discontinued the exclusive offer of the Special editions since 2016 on, making them in theory available also in store, I still forget to put them on sale, so you might want to check them out.
Link to Blog Post with previews and more info

The Fairelands Quest
Special Prizes as the Planetarium Eggs and Zodiac Tattoo are included after completing the Quest.

Expanding Universe Skin Sets
Though the sets will be sold at the Temple, they will be at full price and not discounted as currently at FF.
Link to Blog Post with previews and more info

Zodiac Mementos & Countdowns
Retired after the Faire.

Really important stuff to not miss before the Faire ends:
Bus rides, coffee times, Fairelanders, dinkies and dragons living together and more!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Purple Bang!

Petites are back at the Faire, Special Editions are available again and new Purple Bangs! are here finally exploding in real true Faire Purple. Hope you enjoy,


And more past Edition Petites for you to choose from:

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Zodiac's Earth

Join us for today's Live Auction at Ambigula at 2 pm slt, lasting probably until 5pm slt. Zodiac will bring its earth and the Earth's observatory and there might be even a surprise from the past. Hope you have a great Faire day and don't Forget Clover's Jailing at 11am slt at the Spirit Valley,

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Thursday, April 30, 2020


Creation comes from nothing, and everything,

from Order and from Chaos.
Balance is the key,
Hold the balance,
Keep the scales aligned.

Join us on Friday may 1st 2020, 4-6pm slt, on Zodiac at Fantasy Faire 2020. DJ Lainey Thorne will be spinning the music havoc as we keep the balance by donating to opposing kiosk, each featuring a special unique edition skin set for both genders available only for the duration of the event and never again (Any donation accepted, Minimum donation of 990L$ for the Exclusives)

If the main location on Zodiac will fill up, there will be two terraces connected to the region on Queensgaren and Lunafae with exclusive vendors, SLurls and locations will be posted in group chats and are available below before the Event start. You will also be able to donate on distance through the representatives of Chaos and Order that will make themselves known in Group chats.

Thank you so much for your support and hope to see you there for a fun evening together,

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Listen here to the Radio Ad / Thanks to the incredible work of the Radio Staff: Zander, Cale and Kaiden.

Fantasy Faire Official Website

How to get your Skin sets
Any donation is accepted, but those with minimum donation of 990 linden dollars will receive an exclusive Fallen Gods Inc. skin to make sure they can represent their chosen side fittingly. There’s two skins, one for Order, one for Chaos. Both skin sets include both male and female skins and are available only during this event.
When the main location on Zodiac fills up, there will be two overflow terraces connected to the region: one on Queensgarden, one on Lunafae. Both terraces will have the exclusive skin RFL kiosks available. You will also be able to donate on distance through the representatives of Chaos or Order: follow Fantasy Faire Fans group chat, or IM Sonya Marmurek in advance.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Eggsclusive Collection

All Collectable Egg Specials are now available at Fantasy Faire as RFL Charity donation items. While the majority is available in regular vendors, 6 are on silent auction and just one copy of each is available. The Special commemorative Planetarium Egg will be available as Prize for the second part of the -Fairelands Quest- that is planned to start on Thursday 30 April afternoon slt.
Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for supporting the cause,

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Fantasy Faire Official Website

Silent Auction Collectable Eggs

Regular RFL vendors Collectable Eggs

All Year-round Available Gacha Eggs

All Year-round Available Eggs for sale

Special Gift Card Treasury Eggs

Eggs Number 69 and 100 are Currently Unreleased.