Saturday, September 24, 2022


Metropolis is a semi-prototype genetic styling in original rust tone freshly released for the Engine Room, a fantastic event and creative display of futuristic and steampunk creations. There's also many gifts for you, including the face tattoo Thea, hope you enjoy,

Friday, September 23, 2022

Seeker of Memories 2022

Dear Fallens,
As the Countdown to the Anniversary starts ticking days off, returns the Seeker of Memories: a Treasure Hunt Adventure Located on the Archipelago of Fallen Gods Inc. Prizes Include Historical Fallen Mementos & the Gloria face tattoos and pearls for a total of 7 Shrines to discover. Prepare to celebrate this year's Festival by checking the old school Horrors I made back in 2007 and get amused with tortured prims and fancy torus necklaces to finish with more fancy mesh memorabilia. For those that Hunted already those past years I added as an incentive the new Face Tattoos and pearls in 7 tone variations. Hope you enjoy and good exploring!

- From Friday 23  September until Thursday 6 October every few days a notice will be sent through the Fallen Gods Inc. official group for a total of 7 shrines to find, they look as one of the countdowns that is also currently in the Notices for you. 
Clues will also appear on this Blog Post and the Memories will be available to find until the 31 of October.
- Memories will be hidden over the whole Archipelago of Fallen Gods Inc. that includes the regions Selidor and Athan and Libertine's showroom in the Sky. The Temple area and Garden roof and Festival Grounds will be excluded from the search.
- You must be part of the Fallen Gods Inc. Group to receive your Memories, the Group is free to Join.

IMPORTANT: Festival setup in progress
The days before the 1st of October the Roof garden, on top of the store, and its sides will be work in progress and rebuilt to host the Festival and merchants. The seeker won't be hid on that area and in the store. Selidor is always accessible to everyone so I just ask to please let us prepare everything, let merchants setup and be careful of prim pot-holes!

TELEPORT to Selidor

~Fallen Gods Inc. 1st & 2nd Memories~ Hint
"This pearl is longing for the sea... or perhaps a boat ride."

~Fallen Gods Inc. 3rd & 4th Memories~ Hint
"This pearl wishes to be a nugget of knowledge."

~Fallen Gods Inc. 5th & 6th Memories~ Hint
"This pearl likes to mingle with grapes her size."

~Fallen Gods Inc. 7th & 8th Memories~ Hint
Coming soon on September 29

~Fallen Gods Inc. 9th & 10th Memories~ Hint
Coming soon on October 2

~Fallen Gods Inc. 11th & 12th Memories~ Hint
Coming soon on October 4

~Fallen Gods Inc. 13th & 14th Memories~ Hint
Coming soon on October 6

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Fallen God & Goddess Contest 2022

Dear Fallens,
I would like to invite you to the Fallen God and Goddess Contest where everyone is given a chance to shine on a prim wall in the Temple and get their divine selves clicked for Fortune, Fame and Glory. Come bond with fellow Fallens and celebrate during the festival, get a special participation prize whatever your results are and imprint yourself into the eternal memory of a Virtual Reality Pantheon (dramatization). Remember that there are many categories and Juries so even you could be a Winner! The Contest is my way to thank you for your wonderful support through the past year, see what you can bring to life with my work and enjoy some wonderful time together. Hope to see you participate soon,


♂ Fallen God and Goddess Contest 2022 ♀
◆ Picture Delivery Deadline: Friday 7 October 2022, 11 pm slt.
◆ Pictures shall be delivered to Sonya Marmurek (she's my partner, just click her from my profile)
◆ Remember to tell Sonya Marmurek which Fallen skin you are wearing in the picture
◆ Voting Opens: Sunday 9 October 2022, 1 pm slt
◆ Voting Closes & Election: Saturday 22 October 2022, after 1 pm slt
◆ Get a Participation Special Skin just for entering the Contest!
◆ All specific instructions on how to deliver your picture and more are below in detail, please give it a read

◆ Very Important: Please. Do not contact me about anything concerning the election in IM or by note, I will have a very busy time until the Anniversary. If you have questions that are not answered here you can IM Sonya Marmurek (Please also remember to send your pics to Sonya not to me, Alia). Anything else that will be needed to know will come by Official Group notice, all the rest you need to know is written on this note or on the web blog post. Thanks for participating Fallens, you are always an incredible bunch.

Criteria: Best Artwork, Avatar Style, Competition Spirit and Fallen Attitude.
Jury: Alia, The Flesh Carver, that goth bastard, Bunnies,Otters & Friends.
▶ First Prize: Fallen God or Goddess Title 2022, L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: L$500 Gift Card


Criteria: Number of clicked votes on panels.
Jury: Any avatar that joins the Fallen Group and is at least one month old.
▶ First Prize: L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: L$500 Gift Card


Criteria: Flesh Carver's Choice
Jury: Alia Baroque
▶ Prize for each of the Following Awards: L$1000 Gift Card
List of Some Classical Awards: Hormones Award, Heaven and Hell Award, Rubber Gloves Award, Year's theme Award... and much more secret ones. They all have both gender winners and take in consideration themes and interpretations.


★ All contestants will receive a limited edition skin set for participating
★ All prizes are for male and female, separate competitions.♂ ♀

ABOUT GIFTCARDS: They can be used for both Fallen Gods Inc. and Libertine products and have no expiration date.


► You must obey the Rules.
► Failure to obey the Rules will result in extreme otter management.
► You don't want to know what extreme otter management is.

► Create a picture of your SL self, this is the way people will be able to vote for you.
Your image will be your presentation card, it will summary all that you want to say so I suggest you take time to choose or to create one that really satisfies and represents you. The artistic value itself of the image and its originality will be for sure something that will help you get noticed by the voters and jury.

► You need to wear a Fallen Gods Inc. skin. All the rest: location, outfit, etc. is by your choice. It’s the only requirement since without it the competition itself has no sense.

► Fallen Gods Inc. skin has to be recognizable and visible. No helmets or masks covering your face. No obscure or texture-blurring bright windlights. No using non-Fallen skin for head and Fallen skin for body. The picture should showcase a Fallen skin clearly, that is the core idea of the contest, seeing what you create with Fallen Gods Inc. skins. If in doubt ask Sonya or in group.

► There shall be only one avatar in the image, creative exceptions might be considered, but the image has to feature only one contestant (mirrors, projections are fine and might be discussed prior to acceptance).

► Petites are part of the Fallens, as long they are Fallen Edition Petites.

► You can participate with just one of your avatars on just one of the gender walls (Alts are discouraged, please don't participate with a multitude of your avatars. We have no way to investigate alts so not much can be done and I am very, very (very) much against witch-hunts, but it's simply up to you and a matter of respect towards the work behind this Celebration).

► Please choose the gender/contest category with which you identify with most of your time in SL (if you have inquiries or need information please ask, we want everyone feel included)

► All pics (SL texture files) shall be sent to my partner Sonya Marmurek, she helps me out with the Secretarial matters, Contest and Anniversary. (Thank you Rabbitteer)

► When you send the picture to Sonya Marmurek, remember to tell her which Fallen skin you are wearing in the picture.

► Pictures will be accepted until Friday 7 October 2022, 11 pm slt.

► Textures/Images shall be FULL PERMISSION (copy, modify, transfer)

► Textures/Images shall be renamed as follows: FGI22 name surname (example: FGI22 Caylikes Banana). I will not exclude on prior who mistakes that, but we might not find your texture and so miss to place you in the voting.

► Picture ratio (proportions) shall be that of a standard snapshot, tv and monitor size (4:3) or pixel example 640x480 px in 72dpi, vertical and square cuts will have your image deformed so remember it shall be a landscape format.

► No added text on the picture.

► No several pictures edited into one, just one picture scene.

► Please make a new picture, using the one you sent last year doesn't show much care and effort, imagine if I would make the same with gifts, rewards and Fortunes.

► Please do not put your image in notecards, boxes or folders.

► Send the picture from the avatar that participates in the contest. Make sure the name of the picture and the avatar sending it are the same.

► Only one picture for contestant. Delivering more than one will result in simply using the first one delivered.

- All Gift cards and Prizes will be delivered the next week following the Election

- Using your alts to vote for yourself is not nice (Especially when it's more than a dozen......)
- Offering free sex to noobs for a vote though is welcomed and encouraged.
- Bad mouthing contestants, slander, shaming will have you managed by otters.
- Bad mouthing of otters is very encouraged.

Just. Don't.
It's already sad I have to add this chapter in here. Very, very, very sad.
I do this for you folks to have fun with, to thank you for your support, to make new friends, to have a good time at the temple, to get a free skin while just sending me a 10L snapshot (yes I do accept everyone and all). I do this since very long and during this time of the year I wish to celebrate Second Life, our community and just enjoy ourselves. If you are not capable to manage competition stress, self-insecurities, disagree with the rules, voting and judging criteria, and have personal issues about the whole, do NOT participate.
Thank you.

Have fun and get laid, or take a nap, naps are good... we are getting older. Also don't feed the otters, but feel free to feed penguins.

SUMMARY: rename pic as example, set permissions to copy, modify and transfer (full perm), drop texture/pic alone to Sonya Marmurek, tell her which Fallen skin you are wearing in the picture, then enjoy the election weeks until the Anniversary Party. Have fun!

Feel free to include your pictures on our Flickr:
FLICKR Official Group -

°>°>°>____(.)(.)(.) Penguins on Mars staring at huge bazonkas, TM Alia

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Twisted Fairytales & Redeux

Catching up with letting you know about the events this August, starting with a round of Redeux dedicated to Oceanica, with 50% sales and a 50L special. Following up is this round of Enchantment inspired by twisted Fairytales, with some expanding universe skins and sparkles and opals for extravagant faes or supernatural creatures, and a deal on the Spirit face tattoo. Hope you enjoy,


Wednesday, August 24, 2022


It's time for Pirate Plunderrrrrrrrrrrr! A free hunt for the last stretch of this summer. Hope you enjoy,

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Hamsterfest 2022!

The best festival on the grid is back! I was an avid and enthusiastic participant in the past years and am honored to participate this year also with a stall and a few original illustrations that are very hammie. Hope you enjoy the drawings and the wonderful hamsized festival,

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Summer Mainframe

It's hot as Hel, but am managing and striving to have things happen this summer. Mainframe is open, with new released skins and many themed discounted creations, including Golem which is back as regular sale full pack tattoo. Hope you enjoy and are staying cool and hydrated,

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Eurovision Summer Party 2022

This year's Eurovision Summer Party is coming, today Saturday, July 16, from 1 to 5 pm slt, with DJ DaveOsaurus spinning Ja Ja Ding Dong and more! Come in glitter, come in euro, come in tacky, come have fun on Selidor. Hope to see you there, Alia

TELEPORT to Selidor's Bay

Location also coming through Group notices Inworld.
We are ready for the party!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Vivid Ocean

New releases at The Liaison Collaborative, as always 30% off. Hope you enjoy and happy summer,

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

SLB19 Shop & Hop

Come visit this year's SLB19 Shop & Hop with 20% discounted featured creations and a new re-release of pixie outfits plus a special rainbow pixie as gift. Hope you enjoy,

Special Birthday gift

New Re-release

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Purple Draugrs

Draugr Amethyst and Moonlight are now available at the Darkness event, as always discounted 30% new release. Hope you enjoy,

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Blood room

This round of the Fantasy room gets bloody. New Uruk Kin Blood skins are released plus Pure blood and Draugr Black Blood are accompanying the exclusives, all discounted 25%. Be sure to not miss also the free gift, the heart of saruman tintable tattoo. Hope you enjoy,

TELEPORT to The Fantasy Room

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Interview & Memorial

I thought after 6 years I could make Sonya happy and do another one of those, if you are interested about World building it's on the Faire website:

In addition we'll hold a memorial bonfire dance with a tribal feel at Living Echoes and Zander djing, 2-4pm slt. See you there -

Monday, May 9, 2022

Thoth's gratitude

If you enjoyed this Year's daily hunt, Opet & Fantasy Faire feel free to donate as little as 1L$ and Thoth's clay tablet will be yours as a token of gratitude. Because every Linden counts, we all give as much as we can.

Thoth's gratitude is at the Sesh Hall and currently at the Festival plaza, for the duration of the musical festivity. Thank you everyone -

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Great Priest of Thoth

Today is the time for the Fantasy Faire Live Auction where whole pieces or Focus points of this year Regions will be available to take Home. Opet brings you the Great Priest of Thoth, a building and knowledge set that Includes everything that was in this year's daily Hunt, the Hall Build, additional giftable tablets, a custom one and more. Please check the main AD for all specs. May Thoth blessing be with you,

Thoth's Apprentice is not over yet with today signing the arrival of the last teaching after noon slt, and tomorrow a bonus appreciation donation gift for the remaining bonus days of the Faire.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Faire Schedule: not to miss

Picture courtesy by Sunny Difference

The last weekend of Fantasy Faire is here, but is far from the least: exploration, questing, parties, Silent and live auctions, and more! I can say from legitimate sources that we might be open for a few days more after the 8, so there will be more time for you to look around but for what concerns my personal schedule what is done, is done. (Though check Opet's store for the re-released seeker of memory prize, Gaze of Apophis)

I am postponing anything related to releases to when I regain some post Faire rest. Below is a list with a timeline of things to not miss if you enjoyed your experience so far. Happy Faire everyone!


FINAL SCHEDULE for Opet, Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine
- Silent Auction ends today, Saturday 7, at 1 pm slt - TELEPORT to the Silent Auction site
(Supposed Bus ride after if the Faire weather holds)
- Live Auction takes place tomorrow, Sunday 8 - Sunken Honey
- Memorial bonfire dance (eta Wednesday 11 noon)
- Rave party ( Tuesday 10, 11am-11pm)(redacted)

Specials to not miss until the Faire sinks into the Mysts
- Thoth's apprentice Acolyte and Priest final gifts
- All exclusive releases will be available at regular price, not discounted, at the Temple after the Faire.
- Special Edition Eggs will not be available until next year's Faire
- Fairelands Quest and its Prizes
- The regions and the People.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Fairelands Quest 2022

The Faireland Quest is in full swing, with a wonderful adventure for you that lets you explore through all Fantasy Faire regions and then journey into the Clouded Mountains, a special region all about this year's story. You will collect region gifts as you go through the first part, and at the end 60+ creators prizes. Here's previews of what I created for you, hope you enjoy,

About the Quest
To start the Dreaming Cat Quest you can purchase a Quest HUD from one of the two RFL vendors available, the regular and the deluxe pack including also a set of special outfits. Find the vendors at Opet arrival Plazas, guarded by playfyl cat goddesses.

Fallen Gods Inc. Prize Updater: If you finished the Quest while the gift was not ready yet, you can rez the Updater now for your prize.

Available Vendors

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Petite Flamboyance

A new Flamboyance of fabulous pink has come to the Faire with a new Petites release. Flamboyant Petites are available as a 100% donation to RFL at Opet for the duration of the Faire, they might come to the Temple or return only next Faire, same as all the special editions currently available. 
Hope you enjoy,

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Eggsclusive Collection 2022

Dear Libertine and Eggthusiast,
All Collectable Egg Specials are available at Fantasy Faire as RFL Charity donation items. While the majority is available in regular vendors, 8 are on silent auction and just one copy of each is available this year (exception on Eggs Gratia and Lux that have 2 copies each available yearly). The Special commemorative Opet Egg is available as Prize for the -Fairelands Quest. Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for supporting the cause,

TELEPORT to the Silent Auction site
Silent Auction ends on Saturday, May 7 at 1pm slt
TELEPORT to Opet, Libertine & Fallen Gods Inc. Faire Location
You can purchase the Quest HUD at the Arrival.
Fantasy Faire Official Website

Scroll for the complete collection

Quest Prize Collectable Egg

More about the Fairelands Quest:

Silent Auction Collectable Eggs

Regular RFL vendors Collectable Eggs

All Year-round Available Follow-Up Eggs
(Follow-Up is a machine similar to a gacha, but shows you the first 3 items ahead)
The Following Collection will be back and available soon in a Follow Up Machine

All Year-round Available Eggs for sale

Special Gift Card Treasury Eggs

Eggs Number 69 and 100 are Currently Unreleased.