Saturday, October 1, 2022

15th Anniversary Market


Join us on Selidor's Roof Garden for this year's Festival Market and the beginning of a busy month, come enjoy a warm sunset in the midst of creativity and community. I hope you'll enjoy the wonders brought this year by Creators, I am honored to call my friends, and have a good time, 

Fallen Gods Inc. is honored to host the following brands: 
Accentaury, alpha.tribe, Arkivet, Artisan Fantasy, Astalianda, Banana Banshee, Butterfly Kiss Boutique, Candle and Cauldron, Cats Claw Designs, :::c*C*c:::, Cerridwen's Cauldron, [CIRCA] Living, Crocodoggle, !dM deviousMind, En Pointe, Eventyra, Faida, Fantasy Illumination, Fantavatar & Moonstruck, *Find the Fish*, Ghostraven Professional Attire, Golden Unicorn Fireworks, Grumble, House of RFyre, Jinx, Kaerri, Lacrime dell'anima, Lilith's Den, Little, Big Designs, meadowWorks, Mindgardens Creations, Multifarious, Musa, Nefekalum, On A Lark, Pacifique, Peeps, Polenth's Mushporium, PolyPlace, Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms, Rise Design, Roawenwood, Schadenfreude, Second Life Syndicate, Senzafine, Simply Shelby, !Stringerized!, The Looking Glass, The Stringer Mausoleum, The Wino Mino, *Thus Magic*, United InshCon, VENGE, .Viki., Wasabi, Whymsical Marketplace, Fallen Gods Inc. and Libertine

Market Exclusives Gallery
more previews coming soon

Mask Single packs available.
Single elements from the set avilable.