Friday, March 5, 2021


It's an honor to participate in this month's round of Uber as a guest of Wasabi Pills, in collaboration with which we created a ritualistic set of hair and tattoo for all of your arcane needs.
Hope you enjoy,

TELEPORT to Uber / February 25 - March 20

Monday, February 22, 2021


From Norse myth to your incarnation, Jotuns are here at Enchantment. Hope you enjoy,

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Il Gianicolo

The Gianicolo is a park in Rome with a beautiful view of the City, a memorial walk, and cozy stone benches to refresh your back from the heat of the Italian summer while listening to singing bugs and maritime pine leaves burnt by the sun filling the air with perfume.

Each Bench pack comes in two models, a wall bench and a standalone, for more uses, with a cushion that becomes stone and marble or a variety of colored fabrics for all of your exterior and interior needs. It is material enabled, 3li, and new at ROMP. 
You can choose between a Redux version only, with just single sits, and a Complete Edition that includes the full range of animations, Adult, Mature, and Redux variants. Hope you enjoy, 

TELEPORT to ROMP / February 10 - 25

UPDATE Note 2.0 - Just issued
The 2.0 Update has been shipped to current owners and is now live, adding materials, a new bench model made specifically for wall proximity, and a major fix of animations on all categories.
Thank you for your patronage and trust.

Monday, February 8, 2021

A broken heart Libertine

Valentine is approaching, and the Libertine enjoys this celebration of kitschy romance as anyone else. You can find 20% Discounts at the Broken Heart Fair and Shop & Hop, Gifts and a 10L Special of a past year Valentine. More is coming as a new release that will be announced during this week. Hope you enjoy,

TELEPORT to Shop &  Hop / February 4 to 14

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Secret Sale encore

Participating to this Sunday's Secret Sale with 3 tattoos in nature calling tones. Hope you enjoy

Friday, January 8, 2021

New Year Group Specials, 2020-2021

Dear Fallens,
New Year Specials are out as a thank you for your support. They will be available from today, 8th January to the 11th (included). I hope you'll enjoy, 

Landmark available in Group Notices.

Yule Gifts and seasonals still available until the 11th:

Fallen Gods Inc. New Year Group Special Available only for current group members. The Group will be Free to join again after January 11th and for the rest of the year until next year’s Skin Special. Skins will be sold regularly after the special.
Please do not ask for invites during the special.  The tradition dates back to 2009 and is here to thank the community and members following the group, notices, and updates. Thank you sincerely for your interest  and I hope to see you for the rest of 2021 and next year special)

Saturday, January 2, 2021

F I S H M A S 2020

You are invited to this year's Official Fishslapping Good Luck Celebration. Today, 2 January 2021, From 1 to 4 pm SLT, with Djs David, Dave and bunch of locals. Hope to slap you there,

You can find more gifts under the Tree here.
And you can know more about Yule season here.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Best Wishes

Dear Fallen, Libertine, Patron and Friend,
Thank you for being part of my life and for bringing the unique life blood and energy that makes Life itself worth living. I wish you a damn good following year, a serene and safe Christmas, and all the good things this world can offer. Because we need and deserve the fruits of a year of pain and sadness, make them sweet like tears so we can water a new future built upon the past.

You can find more gifts under the Tree here.
And you can know more about Yule season here.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


Am honored to participate in a new event by Sollemne; Saturnalia. Always offering an amazing build and theme, inspiring and fascinating. Libertine brings you a themed Throne and a Yule gift of arazzi cushions. I hope you'll enjoy, 

The Throne is sold in two versions:
Redux / Offers single sits only, a texture change versions will be shipped with an Update in January.

Complete / A pre-order sale that offers you the Redux version included plus the Update in January with texture change options and the full adult menu.
Q: What the hell is this?
A: it’s a Pre-Order Purchase. 
Q: Why would I buy this?
A: if you are familiar with Libertine and look forward to the Adult Version this is for you. you will receive the redux version immediately and the Updated Adult Throne in January 2021

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Yule Season 2020

EXTENDED to January 11!
Dear Fallen Libertines,
The Temple pool iced for Yule, penguins are celebrating their favorite season and festivities and the Tree is back piling up gifts from me and Friends. I hope you'll enjoy what this year brings and have a serene and safe holiday season. Yours, 

About Gifts
Many gifts are scattered over many locations, so to have them all you need to visit my Friend's trees and some Events, the best way to do so is to gather the gifts at Selidor first and see who shared them and check their locations for their own Giving Tree or follow the Guide below with all Slurls.

Incoming Yule Social Events
Raglan Tiny Carolers  Sunday, 20 December 2020 at 1pm SLT

The Night Theater Presents: Home for Christmas
Premiere: December 27, Noon SLT
Encore: January 3, Noon SLT

FISHMAS (Also known as Traditional New Year Good Luck Fishslapping Celebration) January 2, 1-4pm slt, Djs David Abbot and DaveOSaurus

New Year Skin specials January 8 to January 11. (IMPORTANT during those dates you will not be able to join the Fallen Group, which is free to join all year and outside of those 4 days.)

All Friends' Trees locations:
Some trees might not be up anymore by choice of the Hosts.

Current Yule Shopping Events:
Twisted Krissmus / 5 December - 3 January / TELEPORT
A Shopping Carol 6 December - 26 December  / TELEPORT
Shop & Hop 11 December - 3 January  / TELEPORT
A Drunken Elf 12 December - 10 January  / TELEPORT
Redeux 14 December - 21 December  / TELEPORT
Secret Sale Sundays 6 & 20 December / TELEPORT 
Dirty Discounts Wednesdays 16 & 23 December / TELEPORT 
Saturnalia 17 December - 1 January TELEPORT
Holiday Season Fair 20 December - 4 January / TELEPORT

and new this year:

Friday, December 11, 2020


Yule coming soon officially this weekend while the Temple is already icing. Meanwhile if you like go check the new Symbiont tattoo made specifically for Draugr but not only, at We love RP. Hoping you'll enjoy, 

TELEPORT to We Love Roleplay

Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Celebration 2020

Let the consumeristic party get started and offer you some good real and proper deals, retirement sales, releases, daily flash sales, and more. Hope you enjoy!

Fallen Gods Inc. Black Celebration
Retirement Sales, Discounted new releases & More
November, 27 - December 3
Skin Addiction’s Black Friday
November, 27 - November, 30

Redeux’s Black friday & Cyber Monday
November, 25 - December, 2

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Draugr Sapphire

New at We Love Roleplay and one week left to get it discounted 30%. 
Hope you enjoy,

TELEPORT to We Love Roleplay

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Halloween 2020

This year continues a small compromise concerning my wish to make a whole Halloween celebration at the Temple, which consists of dedicating a Lounge at the Temple for a spooky slime dining experience and sticky fun. Your Santa Carver brings you this year very old remains, skin pieces, resurrected from 2010, 2011, and 2015, and a fresh new Smashed Pumpkin Fallenstein plus in-store newly released Draugrs from the Swamp. Many require BOM so be sure you know what is it and how to use it. Hope you enjoy, try the treats, pies, and go check all the other Halloween events am glad to participate in. Seasonal greetings, 

The Event lasts until Sunday November 8th, good luck!

FALLENSTEIN 2010, system layers, transfer - Available in the Unlucky Dip, 137 pieces, 15 minutes cooldown
HAPPYZOMBIESTRIPPERS Bikinis 2011, system layers, transfer -  Available in the Apple Bob, 8 colors, 3minutes cooldown
KRAMPUS Fallenstein 2015 special edition, copy - Unlucky Chair, 20 minutes
SMASHED PUMPKINS Fallenstein 2020 special edition, copy - Unlucky Chair, 20 minutes

TELEPORT to the Temple

HALLOWEEN 2020 Events
Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine are participating in
Trick or Treat Lane / Jump to post and previews
Shop and Hop, Halloween / Jump to post and previews
The Liaison Collaborative / Jump to post and previews
LOGO 15th Anniversary / Teleport Jump to post and previews
Halloween Sales / Teleport Jump to post and previews
Fallen Gods Inc. 13th Anniversary Festival Jump to post and previews

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Draugrs, from the darkness, appeared in silence, spreading from event to event, from location to location, from incarnation to you. Draugrs are creatures of mysterious nature, calling for old pagan rituals, customs, and memories long gone, and are here for you to become one.
A new skin line, Draugrs are now at multiple events and many styles and colors. I hope you'll enjoy a touch of Darkness this year for this October of Anniversary and Hallow Eve, 

You can find them at:
Samhain, October 10 - November 2, Teleport
Draugr, Black Pearl

Hallow Manor, October 16 - November 1, Teleport
Draugr, Black Fire and Black Blood, plus a Special Quest Prize: Draco outfits.

LOGO 15th Anniversary, October 23 - November 6 , Teleport
Draco Draugr, Black Pearl

Halloween Sales, October 22 - November 4, Teleport
Draugr Black Coal, plus a special Gift: Freyr Face tattoo

Fallen Gods Inc. Halloween Season at the Temple, October 27 - November 8 , Teleport
Draugr Black Moss, and many fun spooky activities. Jump to post and previews

Also, don't forget the Other Halloween themed Events Currently ongoing:
Trick or Treat Lane / Jump to post and previews
Shop and Hop, HalloweenJump to post and previews
The Liaison Collaborative / Jump to post and previews