Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Celebration 2019

Welcome to this year's Black Celebration, including Skin Addiction's Black Friday and Redeux's Black Friday & Cyber Monday Events. Hope you'll enjoy and have a great weekend!

Skin Addiction's Black Friday
Twenty skins 30% off and two 10L$ specials are available at the Temple, join the Skin Addiction group by clicking any of the kiosks where you can also get the free Shopping HUDS.
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Redeux's Black Friday & Cyber Monday
The whole Libertine Christmas decor and gachas are 25% off while the Tree is half price for new decorators. Fallen Skins, gacha and tattoos are also all 25% off plus a half price special.
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Sunday, November 17, 2019

bound dreams

Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine participate in this round of ROMP with bound dreams, marks, and warm darkness. Also do not miss, for a short time, a few 30L features at "Make me blush". 
Hope you enjoy, 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Enchanted Frost

A Freezing and bright round of Enchantment is live, with the "Snow Queen" theme to lead all ideas, it brings you Frost Pearl. Hope you enjoy, 

A Note about Materials
This edition of skin sets includes also materials option, which uses advanced lighting to enhance the textures surface shine and bumpiness. Inside the sets there are two options to use materials, one with the skin layer and one with the tattoo overlay.

What is advanced lighting? Check this WIKI here

- When should I use the Tattoo materials? Use this option primarily as it allows a better merging with majority of meshes (heads and bodies). It will apply shine only on specific intended areas of the skin allowing a less glossy look overall and avoiding problematic areas as neck seams.
- When should I use the Skin materials? Use this option when the connection between mesh parts is smooth and without gaps, also when you wish your body to be mostly matte ( without shine) and just have materials in specific areas.
- Why does my skin color look different? Using different windlight settings and enabling graphics settings with materials change the overall hue of the skin, as you can see below in the main ad, without advanced lighting Pearl has a warmer tone.

Additional Note: For optimal results tweaking is necessary and it depends a lot by the supported meshes as always, be sure to test your look with a nearby light source and different windlight settings and be an explorer in your best shiny development.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Goodbye to Annon

It's time to let Annon go, unmovable and never changing been now a decade, the Towers have been a symbol of the islands, but in their immovable nature, they need to go to allow Selidor and Athan to flourish and be reborn. The Annon region will be accessible until Sunday 17th November included, after that, I will close the region so I can backup the builds for the last time and dismantle. The region will disappear on November 20th, so I encourage you to visit it until then, perhaps by participating also to the offseason Litfest tours. Have a wonderful stay,

LITFEST Tour dates:
Friday 15th, 5pm slt
Sunday 17th, 2pm slt


October 19, 2011

This next part is the copy of this past June, goodbye to Aear:
I've been thinking about letting go of Aear and Annon since 2013 and never managed myself to do it. Today it's not hard to say goodbye to one of the Regions, Aear, but I still struggle to decide over Annon. They are still the old 2008-2009 builds and I don't feel them anymore as organic extensions and part of my SL world vision. I will miss them, sure, but I didn't spend a day on them in the past 5 years and with the upgrade of prim counts on regions their existence is now uncertain as I can express my ideas on much less space with more detail.
My choice over Annon is still hanging there as I am not sure if I have yet a vision for a new makeover of the lands, but I firmly decided to let at least Aear go for now, so today as the Faire closes to the public and live for a just few days, I feel is the right moment to also let go of the light of the Archipelago

August 31, 2010

And now: a clear talk about money, tiers and open intention
(Please read this if you have a sudden moment of fundraising intention or similar, otherwise skip)
I am not interested in selling them or any contribution for their extended existence, the tip jar was always there so it won't make a difference as I take this choice happily and without regrets. The overall cost of both regions yearly was 2400US$, while their tier maintenance until now averages more than 27.000US$ including purchase and tier price change that occured a few years ago. I paid that amount gladly as I believe in supporting Linden Labs and the grid and wouldn't have done differently if I didn't think I couldn't afford it with my SL income. Considering I still do own 3 additional regions, you can guess my still current dedication to having regions in Second Life. So please, if anyone has a sudden moment of making a fundraiser thinking I am doing this because of a dire need, don't. I won't accept it and is not needed. If I wanted to keep the regions, I would have as I did in this past decade.

The Tower of Annon was built in 7 days for the RFL weekend Track 
that took place in July 17-28, 2010

I hope you enjoyed it until now and will remember the region with fondness, happy memories and longing, but I also hope you will be excited to see the new rebuild and update of the rest of the Arcipelagus of Fallen Gods that I plan hopefully soon.

A selection from Flickr, click the picture to visit the photographer's collection.
Or browse flickr for more eye candy here

Annon forever Annon #3 
SL Annon_012 Annon The Gate June 2019 June 2019 Image by © rig torok
SL Annon_017 Annon The Gate June 2019 June 2019 Image by © rig torok
Annon The gate
Annon #2
Once Upon a Dream 
Annon & Athan
The new world (voyage of discovery)
Island Hopping
Annon... Still Dreaming
the destination -  Somewhere in sl 678  (Annon, The Gate. + Fallen Gods Inc., Annon (130, 24, 22))
Dog Pilot in the skies of Anon. #FallenGods
Just Above the Surface
On the Hill
Misty morning
Fallen Light and Shadows of the Gods
Sakura dreams
Dream Boat To Annon
Untitled Annon forever Fog Surrounds the Temple @ Annon - BO's Condos in Heaven #2 Princess dreams Annon Tower and Monastery @ annon, 14 september 2017 Annon the gate at Annon_001 The Tower Gate of Annon and Flowing Monastery Annon_002 Athan/Selidor/Annon/Aear