Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January Updates

I updated vendor profiles, added panels and made past releases available at the Temple. Also the New Year specials are now available for regular sale. Hope you enjoy and find something you were looking for until the next batch of due releases next month,

Teleport to the Temple

  • EVOLUTION skin sets now available at the Sidhe and Outerverse area for regular sale / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • OPAL Laguna & Ice skin sets now available at the Sidhe area / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • CRYSTAL outfits now available near the tattoo area / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • LEGEND tattoo now available at the tattoo area / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • SIGIL of SAMAEL tattoo now available at the tattoo area / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • BLACK BLOOD GAZE face tattoo now available at the face tattoo pillar / LINK TO PREVIEWS
  • ESPRIT SAVAGE gacha now available at the Faida collaboration area and Faida Mainstore / LINK TO PREVIEWS

Saturday, January 19, 2019

A New Evolution

A New Year always calls for an evolution of ourself, a vision ahead towards the future, and such is a futuristic month of January with a few events and the Group New Year Special. Hope you enjoy, 

Gothic Garage Sale / January 18 - February 3 / TELEPORT
Midwinter Fair / January 19-24 / TELEPORT

New Year Group Special / January 18-25 / TELEPORT
(Group currently closed to join until end of Promotion)
Evolution, Biologic Musk / 100% Group Discount
Evolution, Biologic Violet / 50% Group Discount
Evolution, Biologic Argentum / 25% Group Discount

Saturday, January 5, 2019


The day came when only the brave will bring fish and wiggle their tails. The Day came where Penguin music warlocks will dominate the ice stage with powerful music of fish doom. The Day came, will you?

(Join the Traditional Good Luck Fishslapping Penguin party at the beginning of the Year to bring good luck and herrings, everyone welcome, penguins, faes, otters, EVEN humans)

TONIGHT/TODAY ( depending on your time zone, timezones suck) at 1pm SLT, at Selidor.

FEATURING: The Penguin PLAICE/OFF (poster by Dave O'Saurus)