Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Jester Farewell Picture Contest

In February 2008 Jesters presented themselves at the, now lost, Temple of Sandy Cove. Their insanity spread into an opening contest where you were required to showcase your skills in taking a picture of deep hilarious content so that Me and, the well known for her insanity, Rouge could choose the winners. It ended with a very entertaining exhibition of all the participants works and sincere and simple laughs about what a human, or not, brain can produce.
Now, the time has come for Jesters to earn they well deserved retirment from public availability and is fair, I think, to celebrate the closing of an Oldtimer Freebie with the exact same contest.... but with far much richer prices. (at the time still had not much to offer).

So what are you supposed to do to enter the contest?
1. Grab the Jester free outfit, that now is available only in the Fallen Gods Inc. tent at the ZombiePopcorn carnival (open 15 -30 June). After this date the outfit will no longer be available openly to the public as it was in the past two years. (If you are late, don't ask me for a copy because I will not provide it.)
2. The fun part: Snapshots! The only requirement is to use the outfit in your pics, take your time to make pictures everywhere you want, you can use attachments of any kind (just don't cover the outfit too much), poses, locations. You can also make pictures together with other people, so be creative and have fun, because if you do probably also the viewer will be entertained by your work. You can rework the pic with any digital tool you wish, just remember it's not an art contest, but a Humour one.
3. Drop Me your pic, but be sure to follow the exact specifications I am giving, I would really appreciate that.
- rename the image as it follows: JESTER 2010 Name Surname (if there is more than a person on the image, it's anyway required just one name, and that will result as the participant for prizes)
- Be sure to check all permissions, so it's copy, modify and transfer.
- Drop it to Alia Baroque inworld, not later than 10 July 2010 Midnight. (If you fear it might get capped, drop it a few times on distant intervals)

Who will judge? I will, and My friend Rouge Darcy. We have a peculiar sense of humour and very variable, so if you do not feel to agree about our taste, do not participate. I am telling that straight away since there's no World rule about Irony, so don't take it too seriously and just have fun.

"yes, allright , fine...but why shall I bother so much, what are you giving to the winners?"
I am giving prizes, and for the first time as First Prize I am giving a Custom, thing I don't do almost from the time I released the Jester. So here goes the list:

You get a custom skin that will be composed from: Base skin of choice (elves, humans, elementals, pixies, orcs, etc.); Make up of choice (any of the ones available on any skin) and body art (elemental runes, scales or fur). (IMPORTANT: You will be able to choose a merge of existent themes, not a completely brand new tone, make up or body art).

Limited Edition Sanguine or Esangue skin with the Jester face makeup.

Augusto or Bianco Outfit.

All Participants will receive a thank you gift at the end of the Contest.

Let the Jesters Fooling begin!
Ironically Yours,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Circus is back.

And Zombiepopcorn's Carnival brought it back to you.
Where? Here.

Look what awaits you...

...and for those who missed it at the last Circus,
the Strongest is back too:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


wI wonder why, since I subscribe to MMORPG games not more than two months a year, it's always when major patches are up and so I have to stare at download bars.... Anyway, hope you like the bunch of stuff I was throwing out lately, am taking a few weeks of pause from new projects, leading them on slowly to not burst again and faint after too much productive phases. And yes, each time I say that... I get again an "overproductive" phase and then faint.... now this is what shall be called balance.
I will not mention anymore schedules about what am going to release first, so don't ask, will come as it does, I keep involved and enthusiastic if I feel the creative vibe free of any restraint. Just know that, as usual, have really a lot in progress, many many things, some waiting I shall say years to be finalized, and some new ideas that just come to my mind. But it's summer now, so will focus more on time out while it's hot and leave the major stuff for when the cold time gets back worries, does not mean am off till october, just slowing down a little to survive.

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