Sunday, September 28, 2014

R.U.L.K. & Greta Rost, Military Prototypes

Message from the Gaze: "Commander Rost, I assign you the Air Squad and Zeppelin Aid-Team to focus on the strategic control of all Spiral borders, your excellent approach to major breach eventualities and knowledge of portal strategies will be essential to the success of this mission. What shall we expect? You'll see, but I don't wish to give any informations so to not allow you and your troops to relax a little more by considering the threat irrilevant. ... anyway, am sure you won't disappoint me.
The Reconnaissance Urban Land Kommando? You know well what R.U.L.K. is there for...
R.U.L.K. smash."

Last days and last prototypes for the Clockwork Spiral, go get enjoy the atmosphere untill its portal is open. I'll be sure the Military Prototypes will guard them well against any eventual threat.
The Scientist,

I still do have super rusty demos!

SLurl to the CLockwork Spiral:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Prototypes: Research & Development

The human race: complex emotional nature and delicate biological composition, but Prototypes? More and more citizens adopted them as companions and social relatives, many works, professions and even some incarnations became proper since the first Oscar and Anna models were released. With the amount of work and maintainance I hardly could spare a moment to focus on the true and real matters of my crafts, so I seeked help.
So I created Help.

The second proto/stereo/types belong to the Research & Development category, Marie Rouille and Nikola Hrdja, both personal tributes to incredible scientist that shared their genius with us in the past.
I hope you'll find them resourceful and brilliant, and succesful in their delicate position as seconds of the family.


Yes I do have super rusty demos

SLurl to the CLockwork Spiral:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Fallen Clockwork

I almost got used to the noise of their limbs moving in those innatural, yet fast and fluid motions. Almost...
Time ago when the pile of rust was laying on the floor of my lab, was just that: an immote mass of materia which waited for better use, and the better use was giving soul to matter. The Clockworks absorbed selidorian orb generated power and moved the constructs, which I was simply assembling as mannequins. They were the first, they were my friends: Anna and Oscar.

The first proto/stero/types, that could make even Hans Voralberg envious, are now available to incarnate at the Clockwork Spiral. As complete avatars, or separates, they await your touch to move.

A  gift for you awaits to help you fly and access the spiral, I wish you a good journey. Get it at the Temple or at the Spiral directly!


SLurl to the CLockwork Spiral:

Friday, September 5, 2014

Living Wood

I know, it was time.
Free update of Petite Dryads with materials enabled, a touch of wood and depth I wanted to add since SL got this new wonderful feature.
Hope you enjoy!

About the Update:
If you Own a Petite Dryad Already you will receive an automatic update. If for whatever reason the update gets capped you can get your new copy trough a redelivery terminal just right at the Petites sale cake, all this works also for MP purchases.

SLurl to the Temple

Petite Dryad Female
Petite Dryad Male

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Applied Physics

For those that are not subscribed to my hippogroup or in the main Fallen Gods group this will come out as a news: I have appliers, and quite many of them by now.
I kept a good rythm since the beginning of August, hoping in a faster coverage but anyway not disappointed with how much I managed to do untill today. I feel more than halfway from having all of my current creations enriched by slink, lola and lotus applier options and I look forward to completing the last bit as soon as I can, so keep tuned!

Appliers released untill now:
Undead. Gods, Goddesses, Angelicus (including Lolas), Clowns, Scales, Feathers, Crystals, Hybrids, Fur, Elementals, Elves, Orcs, Materica, Onyrica

- SLINK Female Hands & Fingernails
- SLINK Female Feet & Toenails
- LOLA Tango Breasts (for female skins and Angelicus)
- SLINK Male Hands & Fingernails
- SLINK Male Feet & Toenails
- Midnight Lotus Platinum Cock (for male skins)

Here's your applier Cake direct SLurl:

Applierently I forgot to move Anemia to the Temple after last Christmas, so with a slight delay of 8 months you can finally get your healthy lack of iron!
Also...Undead appliers are out, hope you enjoy.
Yours as always,
The Undead Carver of Dead Limbs