Saturday, September 20, 2014

Prototypes: Research & Development

The human race: complex emotional nature and delicate biological composition, but Prototypes? More and more citizens adopted them as companions and social relatives, many works, professions and even some incarnations became proper since the first Oscar and Anna models were released. With the amount of work and maintainance I hardly could spare a moment to focus on the true and real matters of my crafts, so I seeked help.
So I created Help.

The second proto/stereo/types belong to the Research & Development category, Marie Rouille and Nikola Hrdja, both personal tributes to incredible scientist that shared their genius with us in the past.
I hope you'll find them resourceful and brilliant, and succesful in their delicate position as seconds of the family.


Yes I do have super rusty demos

SLurl to the CLockwork Spiral:

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