Friday, June 17, 2016


This week at the Menswear fashion week in collaboration with Faida. Soyeux, male underwear, comes in the standard sizes of XS, S, M and L, 85L$ each color. Currently no mesh bodies supported, but we hope so one day. Be sure to try demos!
Hope you enjoy,

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lagunar sparkles, pure roses and summer

June takes me out of surprise, in a fight against old routines, the institution of new ones, failure, surprises and overall wonderful summer warmth. I am participating in two events, one for the first time, and bringing you a mixed variety of mushy pastels, love and sparkles. I am back from my month off but it's summer and as usual I am less around because of the warm sea I am looking at right now and hot naked people allover the place. I hope you'll take some good weather too, and if down under... well you had your chance!

Everything in both events is discounted to 30%off, hope you enjoy-

Also from Libertine
Some Unreleased decor from the Home and Garden Expo

Let's have a wonderful summer.