Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer's Call

Today at 10 am slt Opens Second Life's 16 Birthday Celebration and I am honored to participate with a Feature Sale of my most popular creations, all at 20% off plus 5 gifts. Hope you'll enjoy! The Event dates are June 20th - July 7th.

Midsummer Enchantment is here, with a Fresh re-release of Siren's call face tattoo, a very handy corner bookcase for Libertine Collectors and two 5L Hunt gifts for you, one a new release and the other a past Event special gift. Hope you'll enjoy!  The Event dates are June 14th - June 30th.

Redeux new fresh round is also back with lots of 50% off deals, 50L specials and Gachas. Hope you'll enjoy!  The Event dates are June 14th - June 21st.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The White Havens

The end of this Year's SL Relay season is celebrated by the RFL of SL weekend track and I am honored to participate as a builder for a designer sim. Hope you'll enjoy the White Havens, a mix of past builds that include the Dancing Sun, Odyssey and the Tides,

TELEPORT to the White Havens

Following pictures courtesy by Sonya Marmurek

The White Havens 2 The White Havens 5 The White Havens 6 The White Havens 7 The White Havens 9 The White Havens 1 The White Havens 3 The White Havens 8 The White Havens 4

Wednesday, June 5, 2019