Thursday, October 31, 2019

Merry Halloween

Dear Fallens,
Today is the last day of the Anniversary and one of my favorite festivities, so I wish you a Baaa-lated (Solarium guardians) Day of the Risen and as a thank you for your enthusiasm and support there's a small gift at the Temple until monday, to fuel your Fallenstein passion. Merry Halloween,

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Fireworks & bay tubing postponed

Just a quick note that due to grid issues and a lot of logins halted the Fireworks & bay tubing gathering is postponed further to tomorrow, Monday, 1 pm slt. You can freely visit the bay where you can find cocktails, friendly duckies, floaties and the sunset already. I hope to see you soon and all will get fixed until tomorrow,

Saturday, October 26, 2019


NOOBCON's third Edition is here, all day, for real noobs, fake noobs, fake boobs, wannabe noobs, bling, shine, glow, dance, music and company for everyone!

ALL DAY - Be a noob.
11am - NOOBCON Panel, meet the ex noobs: random people sitting on chairs talking stuff
1-5pmslt - BURNING NOOB PARTY with DJS David Abbot and Dave

What is NOOBCON?
A way to relive those old good times of horror, have a laugh, dance, be silly, help real noobs, talk noob stuff and welcome noobs to SL.
Griefing and harassing. (we don't want those noobs here)

TELEPORT to NOOBCON (and Fallen Gods Inc. 12th Anniversary Festival)
More about the Festival - link

Friday, October 25, 2019

Slime or Treat!

Every year Halloween escapes me, due to the Anniversary taking the whole month of October, I can only enjoy and express my enthusiasm for this festivity on other grounds and not Selidor. This year I started a small compromise, dedicating a mini area in the Temple for Halloween with the hope next year more will come again. Your Santa Carver brings you this year very old remains, skin pieces, resurrected from 2010, 2011 and 2015, many require BOM so be sure you know what is it and how to use it. Hope you enjoy, try the treats, pies and go check all the other Halloween events am glad to participate in.... and do not forget NOOBCON, tomorrow. Seasonal greetings, 

The Event lasts until Sunday November 3rd, good luck!

FALLENSTEIN 2010, system layers, transfer - Available in the Unlucky Dip, 137 pieces, 15 minutes cooldown
HAPPYZOMBIESTRIPPERS Bikinis 2011, system layers, transfer -  Available in the Apple Bob, 8 colors, 3minutes cooldown
KRAMPUS Fallenstein 2015 special edition, copy - Unlucky Chair, 20 minutes

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HALLOWEEN 2019 Events
Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine are participating in

Trick or Treat Lane - Link to Blog post & Info
Hallow Manor - Link to Blog post & Info
Halloween Sales - SLurl to Event

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Emerald Emerged

This Halloween a new event comes to Second Life, Hallow Manor, bringing you an engaging Hunt with rich prizes and a market with fantastic brands with all kinds of dark creations. Hope you enjoy,


Hunt Gift

Market New Release and Exclusive

Monday, October 21, 2019

Fallen God & Goddess Election 2019, Winners & Awards

Dear Fallen,
Thank you so much for being part of the 12th Anniversary Festival and Contest. With the outstanding number of 162 participants showcasing amazing looks, pictures and approaches to my creations it was very hard to choose, as every year I can't thank you enough for bringing them to life. I enjoyed every single picture that came along and took my time to look at them all and appreciate the time, effort and passion taken in each one. I hope you had fun and we'll repeat the experience next year.
Alia Baroque

This Year a Special Gallery is up at the temple with all the winners
TELEPORT to the Temple (SLurl)
(We got also soaked carrot cake.)

This Year Gift Cards will be delivered to you directly, I'll also Instant Message you to let you know that you win and also congratulate you for rocking it out! Please be patient as I cover all of you as it will take me some time to reach you all personally.

★ All contestants will receive a limited edition skin set for participating. ★
I am using an automated system that will send you a message and the box when you are online: Thank You +Fallen God & Goddess Election 2019 [BOX]
I am going to stop the automated delivery after ten days of this post, if you do not login in that time and do not get your participation prize please contact me personally. Do so also in case of any missed delivery.

♱  JURY  ♱
▶ First Prize: Sukubia Scarmon
Fallen Goddess 2019 Title, L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: Fienchen (Fionalein)
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Aelva
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: Mystical Edenflower
L$500 Gift Card

▶ First Prize: Daimon Silverdragon (somagroup)
Fallen God 2018 Title, L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: Rick Daylight
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Fenn MacMoragh
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: DaveOSaurus
L$500 Gift Card

▶ First Prize: Cayenne Republic, 80 votes
L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: RasberryKiss, 64 votes
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Thus Yootz, 61 votes
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: DeepBlueJoy, 54 votes
L$500 Gift Card

▶ First Prize: Gareth Ellsmere, 112 votes
L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: santanamiguel, 111 votes
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Cale Alcott, 105 votes
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: Strimon, 82 votes
L$500 Gift Card

▶ Grand Prize: Liang Scorpio
L$10000 Gift Card
▶ First Prize: JustenTyme, Sugarfairy88, Lee Mechanique, Tamzin Xigalia, Thus Yootz, Clover Jinx
L$5000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: Sukubia Scarmon, santanamiguel, Lucavi Couturier, Cale Alcott, Aznana Shieldmaiden, Gem Henly
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Aeonmahina, 0sebastianmichaels0, Oxygen Staryk, Cayenne Republic, ArwennEvenstarUndomiel
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: Talospup, Natalia Redenblack, Abinathra
L$500 Gift Card

▶ First Prize: Ruvaen
L$5000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: Octavia Dorchester, Ryuichi Braveheart, MlleNikoletta, Fenn MacMoragh, QueenShaiya
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: Kie Dagger, Niobe Flux, Whimmzy, Elayne Diavolo, Rayven Firebrand, Rinoa Ireto, Kaia Beattie
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner Up: TerraWinds, Rasberrykiss, Breezy Carver, Mystical Edenflower, Susietea, Dakota Lavarock
L$500 Gift Card

▶ First Prize: Chandni Khondji
L$5000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: ZynWyrwing, Gareth Ellsmere, Guztavvo, somagroup, Scarlettelizabet, Quarvyr Greymoon,
L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: CandiceTorra, Rick Daylight, Necrosbane, Ranae Quinn, SkylerStormySky, aileenlilangel, Nyree Rain
L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner Up: Caoimhe2flame, LysanderOMalley, Jessamine2108, Prettyflower Vale, MinchenCorvinus, Sukibombuki
L$500 Gift Card

▶ Prize for each of the Following Awards: L$600 Gift Card


Zidye, Strimon

DaveOSaurus, Fionalein

SamPuren, IntoTheAbysmalNightSheFlew

▶ Prize for each of the Following Awards: L$200 Gift Card

◆ BUTTS! AWARD (Previously known as HORMONES AWARD) ◆
oOElsterOo, Lucavi Couturier, Aeonmahina

Tamanra Nadir

Graydirk Enoch

Eve Gaelyth


 ▶ Prize: bottle opener
Da5id Abbot

 ▶ Prize: some kelp and a fish bone
Clover Dezno

Abinathra 33
Acarna Drachios 23
Aedenna 26
Aelva 26
Aeonmahina 31
Aileenlilangel 28
AiniaDaFente 21
akikokinoshi 17
Annahlux 14
Aradia Mistwood 22
ArwennEvenstarUndomiel 29
Aznana Shieldmaiden 36
Blueray Darkes 25
Breezy Carver 29
Burliny 18
CailetAmbrai 23
Caitlyn Haiku 16
Camila795 25
CandiceTorra 26
caoimhe2flame 30
Cayenne Republic 80
CelesteTigress 20
Celticheart31 19
Cestryn 16
Chandni Khondji 39
Clover Jinx 33
CloverDunne 22
Dakota Lavarock 29
Damoira 36
Darlingmonster Ember 23
DeepBlueJoy 54
Dena Farspire 21
DraconisMetallix 17
Duraya 34
Elayne Diavolo 40
Emilly Orr 22
Entropy Darkfire 28
Epicia 16
Eve Gaelyth 23
Fiona Bernandes 18
Fionalein 17
FoxyByNature 22
Gem Henly 25
Gordina Brandi 19
H3thr Swashbuckler 21
intotheabysmalnightsheflew 21
Irkalla Cauldron 24
Isa Rovio 20
Jadeka Wirefly 22
Jessamine2108 34
Jujubier 18
June Livadi 17
Kaia Beattie 21
Kie Dagger 37
KimberleyAlice1961 42
Kitiara Spingflower 20
Krystal Iridescent 25
LadyWhite Farrior 21
Lia Lupindo 28
Liang Scorpio 48
Lucavi Couturier 33
Lyric Longfall 28
Magdalena Kamenev 23
Melyna Foxclaw 23
MinchenCorvinus 37
Miyakoto 17
MlleNikoletta 22
Moonlitecat 22
Mystical Edenflower 31
Natalia Redenblack 31
Nathalia Sinister 22
nerolium 16
Niobe Flux 23
Nyree Rain 28
o0elster0o 25
Octavia Dorchester 21
Octavia Gearbox 18
Osire 18
Plummy95 33
PrettyFlower Vale 22
QueenShaiya 24
Ranae Quinn 29
Rasberrykiss 64
Rinoa Ireto 32
Scarlettelizabet 29
SkylerStormysky 22
Slve 16
Sonya Marmurek 74
SosiaalinenKokeilu 18
starrygazey 25
Sugarfairy88 41
Sukibombuki 21
Sukubia Scarmon 28
Sunspark Mocha 23
Susietea 22
Tamanra Nadir 19
Tamzin Xigalia 46
TaraAers 26
Tarhai Breen 16
TerraWinds 17
Thalia Lupindo 17
Thus Yootz 61
Titanna 17
Unalunaqat 24
Understandingcomplexity 16
Whimmzy 25
xxsyrenxx 22
Zevyah 32
Zidye 37

0sebastianmichaels0 28
Ardrhys 24
Benjaminbunnykins 18
Cale Alcott 105
Casimora 31
Chivase 18
Cricket Crabe 19
Da5id Abbot 30
DaveOSaurus 47
Fenn MacMoragh 56
FigmentJack 18
Gareth Ellsmere 112
Graydirk Enoch 21
guztavvo 60
HarryHypernova 17
Justentyme 66
Kapaan 21
Knightly Timeless 17
Lee Mechanique 53
Linn Darkwatch 37
LysanderOMalley 20
Mark Rosebud 17
Mightbeinebriated 20
Mordecai Trevellion 20
Necrosbane 34
NullandVoid 27
odd8bod 18
omnifarious905 22
Orlando Gascoigne 30
Oxygen Staryk 36
PaulJay2062 45
Quarvyr Greymoon 27
RandomComplimentGuy 33
Rayven Firebrand 45
RedwoodRand 23
Rick Daylight 45
Ruvaen 42
Ryuichi Braveheart 22
SamPuren 34
SantanaMiguel 111
Scott Sitoko 16
somagroup 71
Strimon 82
swigart5555 62
talospup 54
TitusRemus 55
TreeRat 17
ulibhe 17
ViktorSavior 24
Xaver Zapatero 21
ZiggyFritz 17
ZynWyrwing 38

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Silver Guardians

...and finally the Silver Guardians, moonlit observers and masters of the night Zodiac are now available at the Festival Market. Come visit the Garden, the new wonderful creations by participating merchants, enjoy the fresh sunny day and read a tarot, your horoscope and ignore the mean astrologer. Hope you'll enjoy, 

The Guardian of the Stars Silver Ed. is now available 30% off at the Festival Market
TELEPORT to the Location

Check here for more Previews from this year's Market

Fortunes have been updated, be sure to rez your gender box for a new copy with minor additions. Update note inside box. Thanks for playing!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

An October Redeux

The spookiest round of Redeux is live just this week with great deals, new releases and special 50L treats. Hope you enjoy,

The Tournament

Friday 18 of this Festival is dedicated traditionally to our Melee Tournament, A Gladiator Arena Hosting a Unity Meter Driven Tournament with 5000L$ worth of Giftcards to Win. Everyone is welcome to try their blade and challenge professional and beginner fighters. Participation Boards will open at 3pm and close at 3.30pm so come in time! Join also as the audience to enjoy some sane blood butchering on Friday evening led by Fenn MacMoragh. Hope to see you there,

◆ Courtesy Training Sessions ◆
Training sessions courtesy by Fenn MacMoragh
Wednesday 16 October, 4pm SLT
Thursday 17 October, 7am SLT
TELEPORT to Training Area

◆ Tournament Rules & Prizes ◆
Contest Board open: 3.00 pm slt
Tournament Starts: 3.30 pm slt
Game Marshall: Fenn MacMoragh
Unity Meter: Tournament Mode Only
Weapon: Your own choice, compatible with Unity Meter OR Courtesy free Blade provided by Fenn MacMoragh.

TELEPORT (Arena not present until Friday 18)

◆ Fallen Gods Inc. 12th Anniversary ◆
For an updated schedule and list of events visit:
Attending Courtesy:
- Please keep your Avatar ARC & script value as low as you manage without sacrificing your style, there is a monitor on arrival
- Please do not enter the Arena if you are not participating and interfere with the tournament
The Fortune Teller will be Unavailable during the Tournament, will be rezzed again as it ends.

One Melee Weapon only, you must use the same weapon the whole tournament. A Free Tournament sword will be provided to you.
No Heals
No magic huds
No stamina potions or poses
No flying
No jump or speed enhancers
Sign in starts at 3:00PM SLT. Tournament starts at 3:30PM SLT.
Sign in to Board
Single Elimination
When name is called please report to center of arena, the Marshall will check your weapons.
Once done he will have you move to opposite sides and then shout 3 - 2 - 1 - GO
Match will be decided by first person down. If match goes for more than 5 minutes, the Marshall will call ONE MINUTE after one minute the person with the highest health will be declared the winner.
Please remember this is a combat match, no running away to avoid combat and to rebuild health, doing so you will receive one warning a second time and you could forfeit the match.

The Marshall is the sole judge and arbitrator, the Marshall does not argue. All decisions of the Marshall are final.
1st Place - 2500L$ Gift Card
2nd Place - 1000L$ gift Card
3rd Place - 500L$ Gift Card

Monday, October 14, 2019

12th Anniversary Party

You are invited to....
19/OCTOBER/2019 Saturday, 11 am - 11 pm
12 Hours, 8 Djs, 7 themed Contests with 14 Gift Cards to win. Join us for the Ultimate Party catastrophe and Celebrate with us! 
☂ 11.00am - 1pm ★ DJ Lainey Thorne ★
☂ 1- 2.30pm ★ DJ The Freak Magnet ★ 
☂ 2.30-4pm ★ DJ David Abbot ★ 
☂ 4-5.30pm ★ DJ Glitchmode ★ 
☂ 5.30-7pm ★ DJ Dave ★ 
☂ 7-8.30pm ★ DJ Kirana Rawley ★ 
☂ 8.30-11pm ★ DJS Vasa & Random Aine ★ 
For an updated schedule and list of events visit:

- Except the first theme (The Fallen Divines) you can wear any creator's look or avatar
- Contest boards will be separated by gender
(If you mistake board you will be automatically disqualified by the wrong one so don't worry about joining the correct one after. If you are gender neutral pick one you identify with more or prefer during that shift)
- Only people in themed costumes can participate and join the boards.
- Every Winner gets a 1000L$ Gift Card, transferable, to spend at Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine vendors (works only with gen 2 Casper vendor products)

11am-1pm slt
★ The Fallen Divines, with DJ Lainey Thorne ★
The traditional opening of the Anniversary Party, with all the Fallen Gods and Goddesses showcasing their best looks and outfits. This is the only look contest where a Fallen Gods Inc. skin is required.

1-2.30pm slt
★ The Zodiac, with DJ The Freak Magnet ★
Incarnate your own Zodiac sign or your favorite constellation, be the Guardian of Stars or the Master of Astrology. This theme is all about astrology, the horoscope and Zodiacal signs.

2.30-4pm slt
★ Fallen Asylum Inc., with DJ David Abbot ★
The variety of crazy looks, the colors of all kind of possible avatars in what can only be Second Life insane creativity.

4-5.30pm slt
★ Monster Mash Halloween Bash, with DJ Glitchmode ★
An all out traditional Halloween shift with all you can think of buffet, from evil clowns to slasher movies.

5.30-7pm slt
★ Where noone has gone before, with DJ Dave ★
From steampunk to high technology, alternate universes and alien races in a full-on Science Fiction and futuristic shift.

7-8.30pm slt
★ Magic Realms and Enchanted Forests, with DJ Kirana Rawley ★
Distant drums call all forest folk, from orcs to centaurs, from faes to satyrs, from dryads to witches to come for a night dance of fires and senses.

8.30-11pm slt
★ Nearly Naked & Jammies Time, with Djs Vasa & Random Aine ★
Let's get ready for bed and wrap up this party, choose your style of sleep attire: best censorships, non-nude nudes, pasties, pajamas and Non NSFW nsfw, tinies welcome.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat Lane is open and lasts longer this year, your essential stop for Halloween Season and a lot of Spooky treats and awesome creations from many great brands in a perfect atmosphere. Hope you enjoy the event as much as I do,

Friday, October 11, 2019

Lacrimosa, another tear

Lacrimosa is back from long years of hiatus, with the original set now including appliers and a new version, Living stone. If you already own the skins know that you can use them with BOM, bake on mesh, without needing an upgrade. Hope you enjoy!

More Info on:

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Psychic Blood

One of the First Edition of the Psychic skins returns in Blood for the Underdog Event. Hope you enjoy,

TELEPORT to the Event

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Incarnate in Blood, a new tone in Pure and Draco, for you to celebrate this month of ancient rituals and mysticism.  At "We Love Roleplay", as usual 30% off. Hope you enjoy,

Monday, October 7, 2019

Guardian of the Stars

The Fortune Teller is back, calibrating routes through the Stars: calling for the Guardians to bring you the ultimate Astral incarnation that celebrates Fallen Gods Incarnated 12th Year. 
Hope you enjoy and good luck finding your match!

Lucky Fortune Teller Prize, 7-31 October 2019

Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Night Theater presents...

Today starts the Event schedule of the Festival with an exciting new performance by the Night Theater, written in the Stars. The Equipe will perform 3 shows during the Festival, an Encore of the one taking place today and a very special collage of hits that is one of kind. I hope to see you at the Roof Garden and look forward to enjoying some time together with the masterful guide of Aelva and performers,

TELEPORT to the Festival
More about the Festival HERE

Theatre Schedule
Sunday 6 October, 11 am SLT - Written in the Stars
Saturday 12 October, 1 pm SLT - The Duettes
Thursday 17 October, 1 pm SLT - Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars - Artemis Arrives
Written in the Stars - Flamingo
Written in the Stars - Critter Star Power
Pictures courtesy by Sonya Marmurek

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Gachaland's Horoscope

The Zodiac spreads through creations even arriving at Gachaland's Carnival, distributing fortune and horoscope predictions. The body themed Gacha that follows the older face designs is now live with specials and a gift. Hope you enjoy,