Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The wearable voyeur's delight, for ROMP July. Another wonderful collaboration with Titania and Etor from Faida, an experimental fit for Maitreya. Comes with a HUD that varies transparencies of fabric and leather colors. Hope you enjoy as much as I do looking at it,

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Monday, July 18, 2016


Dear Fallens, 
Epiphany started in full summer burst, and is rolling already. With an amazing selection of great desing we are honoured to offer you this round a fantasy themed gacha specially made for Maitreya: Mythiara, a collaboration with Faida's Titania and Etor
Hope you enjoy, 

IMPORTANT information on how the epiphany works:

This weekend was dedicated to the RFL track so I waited to give room for each happening as it deserves. Sims are still available to see till wednesday, here's the link to Fortitudo:

Saturday, July 16, 2016


This Relay Season is close to an end and it always goes off with an explosion, which is the touching RFL of SL weekend. Opening today at 10 am slt, and lasting this weekend 16/17 July 2016. It's been many years I have the honor of building a designer sim for the Event, and in all those years I have to thank the staff and expecially Grace for her patience in dealing with me: I owe Grace much grey hair. There's also something very special and new for the event this year, the adventure tracks for the designer sims! So I wanted to use this chance to transform the track itself in the core of my build, Fortitudo. Meaning strength in latin, represents a path of healing, as the sim we are on, and perdurance. I wish you a wonderful Relay weekend, 

There's a gift for you if you click on the books, feel free to donate or light luminaries, as best in your possibility.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

A decadent summer

In the sense that is decaying very quickly... I am very late with this blog post and notice, there's just one day left... and apparently I forgot to let you know. The creations will be in store after, I promise. Go check this peculiar erotic round of The Fantasy Collective, and hope you enjoy! More perverted things will come in the next days, and some even less perverted,