Monday, June 30, 2008

Beltaine and a new presence appearing

Finally some days of Celtic Fair in my City, and yesterday I enjoyed this great band from Poland, Beltaine. If you like the genre, is a must listen ;)

And the singer's voice is absolutely wonderful. Some break from Sl posts.
To end here's a Jethro Tull love share.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My path to the Island

I am getting nostalgic, all fault of trying to clear the mess of my snapshots placed in complete chaos in folders of any genre in my SL content folder.
Just the snapshots of my main avatar made me smile and remember howlong the journey was in just less than a year, to not consider my SL experience in all directions and metaverses.
At the end I decided to speak about the Island starting from the beginning and my first Main Stores, which maybe someone of you still remember, seems a whole life! *laughs*
SL is so quick, I hate that in a way, and I miss my old Temples, even if the last one I will keep still, not sure why. I just feel it as home, as all the places that welcomed you (and me) before.
*/me presses a button and a dry click is heard from an old strange machine showing ruined pictures...*
Want it or not, everyone starts as a newbie. Here's baby Alia, 7 days old more or less, wearing her noob hair but also her exquisite high couture shirt and pants which I almost forgot I have in my inventory, a bad first attempt. I am sitting on the throne of Hell, I guess, in the deepest grounds of CoLA, and after something like 5 seconds I was freezed and ejected, could not return there for quite long. I am still asking myself why. Now I am tasting my light vengeance hoping who sits on that throne wears my skin *laughs evilly and sadistically*...ehm, well, nevermind.
Alia noob, paragraph closed.
Allright, allright. I know, that pick is awful, no need to underline it. It's the only one I have of the inside of my first shop at the first build of Pitmosh Skull, I so loved that place, they trusted me and gave me that place for free. I remember the first panels, snaps, etc. (took behind a black wall in the shop itself, so the shop size got half and anyone could cam on me making noob poses naked with demo hair on, loved it! *grins*) I admit, in my first period I was quite lazy in taking snapshots, now I regret it. You can see my first skin Ishtar's panel with the button skins still blank, not sure of the graphic solution still. OF COURSE, the Sinead O'Connor look is wanted...I would so love to have some picks of the Shop's outside! (making auto-flagellation)

My First Land, rented at Sandy Cove. The first time I started to bring shape to what I wanted my SL to look like. The Bigger Temple at Stardbroke was built mostly creating a double composition of this, so I consider this one the original Temple, inspired (not a reproduction) by the Bed of the Pharaoh, located in Egypt.

Other picks taken in my first Land and complete home.

The Temple at Stardbroke, which most of you got to visit while alive and pulsing. I already decided I will keep it and probably rebuild the Bed of the Pharaoh Temple more faithfully not having the need to place my products inside, also will see it as my home, together with the Island of course (damn, how many homes do I have? hahhahah, idiotic me).
I only left and took away The Elemental Acropolis, since I think their new home is more appropriate.

I had a wonderful time there, events and just meeting new people, feeling warm and in good company. I am still thinking I could be without the Island and keep my shop there, sometimes I am not sure of my choice, but it was time for a change, and to have finally a dream I was thinking about long: complete freedom of build, terraforming and environment, Selidor.
But all that will never erase Taog's macho pose and me and Rouge dancing as perfect brothel slaves to entertain visitors *laughs*
Will miss you old Temples...

Other picks from the Second Temple at Stardbroke.

You cannot imagine..or maybe, well, you can, how I felt when my Island appeared. The name I chose was a tribute to one of my favourite books, and it was there, with all that prims and land, and everything. And I knew the time that will follow will exhaust me and drain all my energies untill I will feel it's enaugh ready to open it to everyone. More than a month took from this pick, and 3 attempts of building the Main Temple, but I already had in mind more or less How it will look, I drawed a map a month before I even ordered the Island, so that place took shape itself since I continued to dream it while sleeping and see where most of the things shall be.

You can see I flipped a few things while dealing with the real feeling and size of the Island, technical issues and so on, but mostly the idea remained the same.
The turbo building, night and day with Rl work breaks started, and I am happy most of it it's finished; I admit at the end I was starting to almost hate it, good I decided to end it and leave things, and prims, for the future.

Toxic princesses working in the Vegetables garden, green thumbs and black lungs! Moments of complete madness usually involved Rouge saving me from my heremitic style of SL living on an empty and deserted Island and taking me out of auto chatting with prims loud, shouting at dolphins moving in weird ways, arguing with sculpted prims and my patological need of detail where actually is not needed. Rouge, knowing my brain illness and terrible attitude in 'let me finish just that' will pop up and lead me to enjoy what I actually was doing (thanks Shade for your great creations!).

This could also include situations like that, me entering a complete fictional fantasy realm and new evolving personal character, and she, of course, floating with the urge to take a bath in a 50's pinup bikini and heart eyeglasses while scripting a chair and doors. (Love you Rouge, thanks for all what you did! Expecially the timed Doors so I don't have to follow each visitor and close the doors behid them, that's an obsession that wil lenver leave me)

Light Wave's Angel statue needs a special description.
I fell in love with this Masterpiece of Sl art long ago, admired it, and knew that sooner or later I would need to have it at fallen Gods, rappresenting perfectly an idea that merges together with the Fallen Gods concept itself, something more than a fallen angel, or not?
Balance, statical dynamism, visual stasis and perfection, I so hate it was on sale, it always distracts me ;)

Other picks taken in this period of building and ideas.
I hope you'll enjoy your stay and you'l llike Selidor, there's a big piece of me in that Island, which is a Land full of hidden things ;)
Thank you for taking time to read that.
Yours, Alia

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Will update the blog veeeeeery soon ;)
Promise :P