Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ripped again

People seems don't have any selfesteem and conscience. Or maybe just a lack of knowledge? I just sent a DMCA fax. Will not tell here the name of the brand, because I want Lindens to take off the content from the grid before the creator. I will not make drama, will not contact this people in IM, will not bother the group. But want to make it clear: I think really evil things about who steals my work, and you really shall consider yourself a sub-human for acting like this, not nearly a "Fallen God".

I do NOT use any business pack and resource for my skins. I paint completely skins, there are no ways someone can have a base as my skins and textures, at least can use similar brushes or same free stock photography for reference or texture grain.

And if it would not be so damn irritating, it would be almost hilarious, look at the shop stall in the same market where I am too:
And I mean...body oil...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fantasy Faire: Support Relay for Life

Fantasy Faire is a very big happening touching all aspects of SL expression towards imaginary words, from gothic to tinies, from scifi to fantasy. But above all the most important thing is that all this is made to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Helping medical research helps us all...
With Fantasy Faire donating is even more pleasurable , since all the creators provide items on sale no profit for them, purchases which support completely Relay for Life.
You can't miss that :)

SLURL to Fallen Gods Presence:

SLURL to Fantasy Faire Central:

And this is what Fallen Gods offers :)

Plust this UNIQUE pack of skins on auction, thi sis the slurl where you can bid:

Auction ends at 6pm on Saturday 20th :)

And here is the video!

Friday, June 12, 2009

DHARMA Station: The Temple

Lately, while continuing to clear the Temple undergrounds, and placing some paws I stumbled across a wall that appeared too much new in my eyes, was already collapsing so I broke it and found a door. Took Me a while to understand the acess code but made it to enter. Inside I found strange things, which I am still figuring out what they are meant for. The only thing I know is that a certain Dharma Initiative came to Selidor before I did, a year ago, and surely after the original inhabitants since their modern design. Also a few useful outfits are to be found there, even if not so stylish, who knows you might need it for some gardening on your sim... The logos I saw there also inspired me for a few shirts, that can be found in the temple clothing area, second level, entrance wall. Help me understand that thing, and... I noticed a strange black smoke worm roaming lately around Selidor... someone is smoking too much lately here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cat's Treat and more.

"Look what the cat brought Hunt"
Officially starting 1 June at Noon SLT. Don't miss the other awesome shops gifts.
Goldfishing season just started....

More info on the blog:

Many thanks for answering the poll, it gave a clear answer to what you might expect. I will place on sale soon the Fleurs series with more skin options and a more complete outfit too, promise will not take much.
Also another line that soon I will release some more incarnations of the New Gods, cannot say much except await there will be a lot of scars and freckles... anf maybe a return of the rainbow. The Elemental Full Moon Event will probably skip a few months, since I prayed them to have piety and let Me end what I have in mind for them.
And last, and of course absolutely the least:
I am great, hope you too!