Sunday, August 15, 2021

Unicorn Tales

Dear Fallen and Libertine,
August is turning out to be a pretty eventful month due to the latest gacha policy changes, but also because of some wonderful themed events I am happy to participate in. Enchantment just opened its gates and this month's theme is the Witcher Saga, I am also participating in Redeux and Goodbye Gacha events. I hope you enjoy and the heat wave is treating you decently,

I couldn't miss this round themed on Sapkowski Witcher Lore. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, is one of my top 5 favourite games and after long encouragement I managed to get my partner Sonya on board too even if she had to play a rugged guy.... and she ended reading all the books as well and geeking over the Lore even more than me. Said that I couldn't resist to NOT bring you the Stuffed Unicorn, a collaboration with Julala Demina from Jinx and animated adequately for a Horny Sorceress and Witcher in known Libertine style. I am also offering the first Update of my Humanitas line with a new tone, Radegast, which is a beta release and will be updated soon together with the whole range of skins, with more rugged options over the full body genetics and some fixes. Everything at the event is discounted 30% off as New release.

(Available Adult showrooms to test furniture fully at a variety of locations, get your landmarks at the Event)

This round of Redeux you can still get to play a few Gachas and there are a variety of discounted items for both of my brands, including Scale skins and Oceanica Bio. Scales are also now matching Jinx' new Naga tails available at Enchantment, with matching Gold, Silver and Eclipse tones.

A Synergy Event with a variety of Gachas from all kind of Creators to say goodbye to our favourite SL gambling for treasures. 

An instore event with a Teleport HUD to creators with many gacha locations, HUD will be sent through Fallen Gods Inc. Group or you can already get one in the Gimme Gacha group.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Am happy to participate in my first round of Mainframe, lasting until August 13th. New Exclusive deep spirit skins, Pure and Opal, the re-release of the Golem Gacha and Piranha face tattoo and many discounted themed tattoos await you. Hope you enjoy!


Please refer here to new gacha incoming policies.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Great Gacha Purge

Dear Fallen Libertines,
Due to a new Linden Lab regulation all Gacha machines, and any sale that follows random prize winnings, will be not permitted in Second Life starting September 1st, 2021. We are given a heads up by the Lab of  a month where we can plan how to convert our creations and also work with our customers during this transition. This post is about how the new regulation will affect Fallen Gods Inc., Libertine and Sartoria creations and is not to be taken as a rule for any other creator or brand in Second Life.

I do not feel like throwing years of works and designs into oblivion, so I am not going to retire my creations indefinitely. My creations will return and be available in a different format after the Gacha purge. Please consider that this choice does not come from me and I need to follow the guidelines, if you feel you are treated unfairly because products will be offered in a different format, am sincerely sorry about that. 

- ALL GACHA machines will be retired on August 31 before midnight.
- ALL GACHA machines will be available to play until August 31.
- BE AWARE that the products will be available after that day, but in a different format, price and permissions.
- IMPORTANT: I cannot guarantee any timeline and deadline so far, designs and creations will be available again in the following months depending on my work schedule, all re-releases will be notified through inworld group.

About Fallen Gods Inc. Gachas
All Gachas will be converted into copiable creations on regular sale. Fallen gachas are mostly tattoos, so depending on creation and design I will decide if to provide a single pack with a tintable layer, metals and/or single no mod colors.
- with the conversion I will update what needs to and discontinue Omega appliers for all creations.
- all rare skin sets will be retired indefinitely (Nekromantika, Ainulindale, etc.)

About Sartoria Gachas (collaboration with Faida clothes)
All designs will be available for sale in color packs as regular products, but we will possibly use this opportunity to update and add perhaps more sizes to each set.

Libertine Gachas
Wall art Gachas will simply be retired and you will have the full copiable set available still for purchase. A Libertine Christmas Gacha decors will be sold as sets, while Rare furniture will be upgraded to complete Libertine furniture, with full menus and additional color sets.

But what about the 3 Libertine Egg Gachas?
Since I released the first Gacha in 2016, the eggs were blessed by many enthusiastic collectors, and my gratitude to them makes this conversion and process more complex than the sets above. 
I know how much went into completing collections, trading, looking, playing the gacha and I hope it brought a lot of joy to many during those past 5 years. Each egg was a small world for 50L that you could keep yours for a while, or gift to someone special;  I did love the gacha format specifically for this, because it made them perfect as gifts and reminded me of toys for adults, with small surprise worlds inside.
But I also want to remind you how much work went into them from my perspective, I always kept the Gachas as a way to support me and all the special eggs, on auction or sale, as a way to give back through charity. I am not yet sure how I will proceed with the Eggs conversion but one thing am sure, I am not going to retire them.
I am having issues with full set sold as packs as they would be very expensive and take away the idea of anyone having their one token egg without much investment, but I also know I cannot devalue them at the same time by just selling each at pull prize.
I still didn't make my choice and it will take some time and thinking, this is why I appreciate your help.

All Libertine copiable Special Eggs, Treasury Eggs and Chronos Egg will remain offered under the current system: 
- Special Eggs available as donation items for RFL once a year at Fantasy Faire, new Special Eggs available as prizes for Anniversary Quest and Fantasy Faire Quest
- Treasury Eggs stay included in different tiers of Gift Cards
- Chronos Update Egg available for sale.
- Gacha Eggs will return in a different format which will be announced following months.