Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Black marble, snakeskin and red velvet.

Materica Black Marble and Scales Terra Corruption for the loving February RP Event, as usual half price off. Enjoy Fallens, 

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Applying Frost: The Attachment Physics

As the deep winter freezes our souls  we wait for the first rays of sun to warm us and bring us to life. But what if we could sleep in the ice, breath little crystals and smell the scent of ancient frozen caves where sun never melts the eternal Frosts? What if the only way to survive the atrocious and painful cold of a seemingly never ending winter would be becoming winter itself? Frosted lips and fingers, silent footstep on ice…. Materica's forgotten child is back.

The Skin Line gets enriched not only by the new Frost skintone but also by a hud driven set of appliers that cover Male and Female SLink feet and Hands, Lola Tango Breasts and Lotus male genitals. That’s one small step for  a skinline but one giant leap for Fallen Gods Inc.