Sunday, April 28, 2024


By entering a deep connection with Avalon and its nature, through music, dance and immersion, the gods of the island have awakened. Avalon's circle is open to the calling of those hidden behind the mysts and each day we perform part of a ritual. Observe the circle of stones, look for a sign and a god will call to you, and with that knowledge explore the Island and offer your respects to the appropriate shrine. Your daily ritual will be complete once you receive a blessing.

The Ritual must be completed, blessed by all the gods we'll summon the circle for its power and wisdom. I count on you, Avalon counts on you,

TELEPORT to the Circle / To start the ritual
TELEPORT to Avalon / To visit the region
TELEPORT to Ogham Grove / To learn Ogham

How to perform the Ritual
- Each deity's blessing can be obtained only during their active phase and they require initiate knowledge of the Druidic written form, Ogham. To learn Ogham you shall visit Ogham Grove where you will be taught the secrets of the words of our Gods and language of trees.

- This is not a scripted hunt, every day you will find a prize, completion of previous blessings is not related and won't prevent you from future rewards.

- The Ritual starts on Sunday 28 April and ends on Sunday 5 May

- Each blessing ritual lasts for 1 day, for a total of 7 blessings

- After all the blessings have been received the Circle will offer a final Prize for the Ritual completion

- For more informations and updates on when a new deity calls for a blessing, join the Fallen Gods Inc. official Group or Fantasy Faire Fans Group in Second Life.

- This hunt requires patience and exploration, please perform the ritual only if you enjoy such activities.


Join us today for a unique experience of music and ambience, an electronic meditative music set amongst the story of Avalon by Haze. What was meant as a mid quest celebration hopefully will be its inauguration. Hope to see you there,

HAZE - 3-5pm slt / Teleport to Avalon

Friday, April 26, 2024


Balance the scales so the forces on Avalon do not overwhelm the natural order, or dare to awaken the Dragon in all its might…

The Charm of Making is a powerful spell, it awakens the power of the Dragon from his slumber at the service of those searching for the strength of nature to dominate it. Magic so powerful that needs the equal strength of wisdom to keep the Natural world safe from the flooding mystical fog of his breath.

Two exclusive skin sets will be available only for the duration of the event at the price of 990 L$ each, never to be sold again. Each skin set includes both genders. The whole event is to benefit RFL of SL.
Skin previews are coming soon.

If you know in advance that you cannot be there, but wish to purchase these skins, contact Sonya Marmurek before the event. If you pay the skins to her, she will put the money into the RFL kiosks during the event, and the skins will be manually delivered to you in a few days after the event.

There will be additional Event platforms on Miralume and Ogham Grove for when the region gets full. Slurls will be posted a few hours before the event starts.

Hope to see you there,

Thursday, April 25, 2024


Avalon, a new world beyond the Faireland mysts, is awaiting you. Finally complete, with perhaps a few grass strands and rocks I might still add, is Fallen Gods's home for this Fantasy Faire 2024, by now in full swing. I hope you'll enjoy and I see you there,

TELEPORT to Avalon
Fantasy Faire Official Website

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Pure Updates & Opal discounts

Finally I managed to launch the first in-store Update Sale with the base Opals discounted 25% for a week at the Temple. Ice, Laguna and Pearl Pures are also updated and discounted at the Fantasy Room, hope you enjoy,

P.S. More elaborate editions of Opals are not updated yet (Bio, Spirit, etc.)