Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Indulgences

The Temple feels merciful, relieving your sins in Indulgences for a reincarnation pure and saint. (Black Friday is here, more than 50 skins at 30% off. Every skin line covered!) Come join us in those Sacred days of Merriment and Faith to evolve and improve your permanence in the AfterSecondlife.(Come spend as mad this weekend, 28-30, over stuff you don't need in SL, have fun and give me all your Lindens!) Be sure to Chrism your soul in the correct Blessing by delicately caressing the banners of Vote (Touch the Black Banners to join the Skin Addiction Group to get access to discounts! Discounts are refunded upon purchase) I'll be waiting for you in my asceting presence warming the air into granted luck and welcome you all over the sacred soil of the Arcipelagus (Might be hiding underground as usual to fix things or offline to not have to answer CSV, but how I truly wish to welcome is: enjoy your stay, come for a visit even if not shopping, remember to have fun!)


All discounted skins Demos are together in big gender signs around the temple, hope you find something of your liking Folks!
Black Celebration, 28-30 November
More than 50 skins at 30% off discount

Tech Info:
1. Click Banners to join the Skin Addiction Group
2. Wear the Group Tag
3. Pick one of the Highlighted skins in turquoise glowtard squares
4. Pay the FULL price
5. Get refunded the discount

6. Thank you and enjoy!

"Qua si fa elmi di calici e spade,
e 'l sangue di Cristo si vend' a giumelle,
e croce e spine son lance e rotelle;
e pur da Cristo pazienza cade!

Ma non c'arivi più 'n queste contrade,
chè n'andré 'l sangue suo 'nsin alle stelle,
poscia che a Roma gli vendon la pelle;
e èci d'ogni ben chiuso le strade.

S' i' ebbi ma' voglia a posseder tesauro,
per ciò che qua opera da me è partita,
può quel nel manto che Medusa in Mauro.

Ma se alto in cielo è povertà gradita,
qual fia di nostro stato il gran restauro,
s'un altro segno ammorza l'altra vita?"

Michelangelo Buonarroti, sulle Indulgenze

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Solaris Gacha

Black Because
November's doom is slowly clearing, as snow brightens the horizon, yule brings merry thoughts and warmth of holidays, it ends with a big boom.... Yes, Ladies and Gentledrows, your truly, this year , for the first time is going Black, and might never go back. Am announcing here my shameless participation to this weekend's Skin Addiction Black Friday Sale, with more than 50 skins 30% off and probably a touristic memorabilia for all to grab (Nov 28-30)

Solaris Because
Solaris is finally on sale, it's an exact replica of the Fortune's Edition and is available on the Marketplace, at the Temple, has the usual appliers and lots of Sunshine!
◆ Marketplace Link Solaris Female 
◆ Marketplace Link Solaris Male 
◆ Temple SLurl 

Gacha Because
Am participating at a Special Vintage Gacha Event just for this week (Nov 22-29) with my personal drawings and sketches Gacha I had at the Art Madpea event and am not usually having out, so if you were interested it's now out just for this duration. It's not an exclusive but I don't have it out as a permanent, keep it for special occasions. Hope you enjoy!
◆ November Vintage Gacha SLurl 

- Thanks for reading, happy beginning of Holidays -

Friday, November 7, 2014

A Tattered Skin

Todays starts a series of events that got me as creator, and audience. excited and inspired through the whole process of idea, reading and sharing: A Tattered page. A different type of event dedicated to a more indepth type of inspiration, rather than a just word theme, where reading the book and entering the world of the writer through your own interpretation gives many unique and individual creations and hopefully will also inspire you to read or re-read the book again, which this round is Frankenstein, the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley.

I did read the book in my early teen years where chewing all the classic was the norm, but was interesting to have a go at it now in its original language and discover that afterall I didn't change much. I still loved mainly the reasearch and obsession part, much less the whole romance, so I am offering you, in a very steroptypical way, by my best flesh carving tools: Cadavers.
This is an instore event, which means you get to visit awesome, cared and beloved Locations rather than momentary valleys of booths. I hope you'll enjoy the theme and quality of this series of events and see you as we all go shopping all around to see what's on the slab...


The Flesh Carver

WHAT is the EXCLUSIVE? (Please read well the description)

This Cadaver pack is an exclusive, containing a special edition variant called Creature. After the event the cadaver pack will be sold WITHOUT the additional Creature Edition skin in it, just the Freshly Dead, and at the same price (990L).
A Tattered Page Exclusive Pack: Freshly Dead and Creature skins.
After the event normal sale pack: Freshly Dead skin.


Female Skins
SLink: Visage, Physique, Hands, Feet (All under the SLink applier), Fingernails, Toenails (separate appliers)
Lola Tango Breasts
Male Skins:
L'uomo: full body
SLink: Hands, Feet (All under the SLink applier), Fingernails, Toenails (separate appliers)
Lotus Platinum Male genitals

Event Lasts from the 7th November, Noon SLT, till 30 November Midnight.

Official Website:

FLickr Group (previews and more)

Fallen Gods Inc. SLurl:

There's also a gift for you in the official group, hope you enjoy:

And yet... even if I tried my best, during the whole length of the book... I couldn't escape from this....