Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Berenice, Intense

Berenice comes in a new Palette, always as a dress with 4 fabrics and a single color corset. Two pure whites and two coloured tones that can also be hidden for a corset-only look.
Currently available at the Fantasy Collective (Opens at noon slt), a new release with Faida, hope you enjoy,

The Fantasy Collective SLurl

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hades & Persephone

Participating again to Genre for this wonderful round themed on the "Underworld".
Hope you enjoy!

Genre Location: SLURL

The Emperor

Create your Own Tarot new round.
Hope you enjoy,

Even if the event spans officially from the 15 to the 15, around the deadline there's a few days of setup so it's best to wait a few days to see the whole line of creations.

Creat your own Tarot
Location SLUrl
Official Website:

About the Major Arcana:

None (0 or 22) The Fool
The Magician
The High Priestess
The Empress
The Emperor
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
8 (or 11) Justice
The Hermit
10 Wheel of Fortune
11 (or 8) Strength
12 The Hanged Man
13 Death
14 Temperance
15 The Devil
16 The Tower
17 The Star
18 The Moon
19 The Sun
20 Judgment
21 The World

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Paradise Lost

The World Is My Marble

I was there, I walked the sands, barefoot.... the seagulls chanting, the strong winds and powerful clouds hiding the sun just to let the rays escape and create drawings of sky.
I was there, the waves covered and hid my steps as I walked through, sometimes till my knees... 
I walked the sands, and my mind was back and was forward.

What if.... 

The Brief Dance of Life

What if that moment I walked the sands I wasn't able to really see where I am, where I am walking and where I am heading. What if that moment I didn't imprint in my memory my life as it was then?
The future is now, the future is never, there is only 

The Long Walk

- About Paradise Lost-
Paradise is our awareness of the richness of our lives in their moment of living, it's a constant memory gone and yet a constant expectation. Being in the now is probably the only way to really appreciate our past and hope for the future.
Beaches are great for long walks that reconnect us to ourselves, in a strange way those walks can be a way to clear our thoughts and just...stop, while walking and waking.

Due to fortunate circumstances this year I was forced to a more minimal building approach, for those that are familiar with my work this might look strange, and it did feel strange at first, but it became so far my favourite build ever.
Being able to use a two sims wide area was such a wonderful invite to a wasteland, a sea and desert embrace.
I hope you will enjoy and find solace here as I hope the same every year, 
Good Relay my friends, 


Dont' forget, it lasts only till today but can be visited till the 23

Paradise Lost 
Food for thoughts:
Enter your core
Your World, your imagination.
Nothing is lost if it's never owned.
You don't have to own to experience.
Strive to own yourself.
Be happy.

Courtesy pictures by my favourite Bunny and Unicorn, a picture by a Tiny Relayer Bunny and by  the toughest of all Ursula.

Breathe in the Now The World is Watching Within the World We Dream Where the Sky Touches the Sea Paradise Lost by Alia Baroque Paradise Lost by Alia Baroque Paradise Lost by Alia Baroque RFL Awreness RFL2015Map

Friday, July 17, 2015


Jour Rêveur and Nuit Rêveur, a daydreamer luxuriously shaped for everyone to see and appreciate or during the night, a secret dreamer for you and a dream for someone else's eyes.
The Epiphany is a new Gacha event that works differently than others: allows you to use every gacha item in two ways: keep it or redeem it for epiphany points with which you can get special exclusives available only at the event. Here are a few previews of a new collaboration with Titania from Faida, merging our virtual draps and fabrics for your own enjoyment and for a wonderfully built and organized event. Hope you enjoy,

The Epiphany SLurl

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Wayward Carnival is Open: as the past Popcorn events, it never ceases to amaze me between the fun build full of rides and the great stores. Come visit the Carnival, enjoy some Pure Fun and Genetics and be sure to try the Carousel Ride, Enjoy!

Official Website:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Good Omens

There was a tearing sound. Death's robe split and his wings unfolded. Angel's wings. But not of feathers. They were wings of night, wings that were shapes cut through the matter of creation into the darkness underneath, in which a few distant lights glimmered, lights that may have been stars or may have been something entirely else.

Good Omens, Terry Pratchett

A Tattered Page New Round, a beautiful hilarious and smart masterpiece: Good Omens, by Pratchett and Gaiman. Come check the library: SLurl.
Hope you enjoy,