Friday, December 24, 2021

Best Wishes

Dear Fallen, Libertine, Patron and Friend,
Thank you for the joy you bring through the year, the ride together that makes us smile and sometimes roll in the snow, as long we drink together something warm near the fire and dry up our toes at the end. I wish you a serene and cozy Yule, a merry Christmas, and a happy new 2022 together.

- You can find more gifts under the Tree here.
- You can know more about Yule season here.
- You can find the best wishes folded sleigh in Group notices or near the Tree.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Christmas Card Collection

Join us today at 11am slt on Selidor for the return of Raglan Carolers and the premiere of the show "The Christmas Card Collection" by the Night Theater. Hope you'll enjoy and I see you there,

Raglan Carolers - Selidor, 11 am slt TELEPORT
The Night Theater . 12 pm (noon) slt TELEPORT

Merry Wootmas from Tiny Carolers
Poster by Aelva, Carolers picture by Sonya

Sunday, December 12, 2021

A shopping drunken Carol

In the heart of this Yule season are a few events with a connection: the Ghosts of Christmas. A project I had in my lab for a few years and waiting for its chance to be shared with you. You can find each of the Ghosts of Christmas, Past, Present and Future, at 3 events: Shop & Hop. A Shopping Carol and a Drunken Elf. There are also new releases, discounts and more gifts for you at each location plus new gifts and transferable items at Twisted Krissmuss. Hope you enjoy,

More about the Events:
A Shopping Carol / 6 December - 26 December TELEPORT
New Release: Yule Candle; Gift: Ghost of Christmas Past & Yule specials

Shop & Hop / 8 December - 2 January TELEPORT
Seasonal market with discounts; Gift: Ghost of Christmas Present & Yule specials

A Drunken Elf / 11 December - 9 January TELEPORT
Seasonal market; Gift: Ghost of Christmas Future & Yule specials

Twisted Krissmus / 11 December  - 3 January TELEPORT
Seasonal market with new release; Gift: Yule specials

Friday, December 10, 2021

Pearly Darkness

New Pearl Scales at the Darkness Event. As always discounted 30% off. Hope you enjoy,

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Antique Courtesy

A new Collection of gift boxes, Antique Courtesy, is now available at the Yuletide market, an event featuring Next Up machines. Hope you enjoy!

TELEPORT to Yuletide Market

Yule Season 2021 Schedule & Events

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

A Libertine Christmas, rearranged

Dear Fallen Libertines,
The Christmas Collections are back, returning from gacha format to the Follow Up Machines. If you wish to read more about the shift in format or wish to read the decorating guide scroll below. I hope you'll enjoy and happy decorating!

More About the Change in Format
After gachas were banned in august, I weighted alternatives, options and mechanics for what I have, choosing a few different approaches. 
Libertine Christmas collections have been re-arranged into 4 sets, all commons. Rares will be sold separately in copy format in the future. The 2014, 2015 and 2018 Collections now include all and only the items that are also interactive with the Decoratable Tree, while the Bonus Collection has items from the old main sets that are not interactive.
All Collections and items always include decorative options, where also the Interactive item is decorative itself if deciding to not use the Tree. The Tree is still on version 3.0, so no updates are necessary.

My choice to not offer full-packs of those gachas comes from the intention of allowing people to decorate the tree by as many multiples of 30L$ they choose and keep the collectibles as whims and gifts, while not devaluing the effort Collectors put in the sets. Limiting the enjoyment of the tree to very expensive sets was never my intention to begin with.
Follow Up is a new system that still retains partially some of the Gacha surprise by letting you know only the item that is currently available to purchase by its displayed number, but still keeps the following ones a surprise. 
A Libertine Christmas was created with the thought of it being a Gacha collectible machine, with a low pull price and a festive game, for Tree decorators, collectors and casual players. In the Past 7 years I also added a multitude of side products, interactive and not, that are sold regularly for anyone that doesn't enjoy those machines and there's plenty of free ornaments gifted during the Season.

Ultimately my choice to retire Rares from the Collection machines and sell them on side comes from the confusion they created in the past by most not being interactive with the tree, same with the bonus ornaments I separated in a standalone set.
I plan to offer Furniture pieces that were included in past collections as copy items with a bigger animation variety for those that want the full Libertine range, while leaving the texturing identical allowing the gacha pieces to retain still their value and be still fully functional, though redux for what concerns animations. 
For decorative items that were included in the past like Trunks, display tables and one of the Musical toppers they will be available in copy format, with a slightly raised price.

Decorating Guide
COMPATIBILITY: The tree is enabled to work with both 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 Ornaments
UPDATES: If an update is issued and you rez a new tree be sure to undecorate your old tree so your ornaments are returned to your inventory.
Interactive elements and packaging are also meant as decor items, they are non scripted and can be rezzed inworld as decor.

◆ Libertine Christmas Tree Instructions ◆
NOTE: Only ornaments that have [Interactive] will work with the scripted system. The rest can be used for holiday decor wherever you like.

After you have rezzed your Libertine Christmas Tree, please use the following steps to decorate. 
1) Click on the Libertine Christmas Tree
2) Select 'Decorate'
3) While holding down the CTRL key, drag an [Interactve] ornament from your inventory onto the tree. When the tree is outlined in red, release your mouse button.

BALL ORNAMENTS - If the ornament you placed was a ball ornament, you can now click on the highlighted ornaments to specify where you would like the ornament to appear. You may place as many copies as you desire. Clicking one ornament will change a pair of ornaments. There are 35 pairs of ornaments.

CANDLES - The first time you add candles to the Libertine Christmas Tree, matching candles will appear all over the tree. If you later add a second set, you can change some of the candles in the same way as BALL ORNAMENTS above. Clicking one candle will change a group of candles. There are four groups.

TOPPERS - The first time you add a topper to the tree, it will appear automatically. If you later add another topper, it will replace the first and the first topper will be returned to you.

MUSICAL TOPPERS - If you have a musical topper, your tree will begin to loop music.  A "Volume" button will be added to the menu to adjust loudness or disable the music entirely. 

MESSAGES - These decorative paper messages work similar to ball ornaments, but once placed, anyone can click on them (when not in decorating mode) to read an inspirational quote. If you are the owner of the tree, you may replace each message paper with your own custom quotes for others to read!

STAR LIGHTS - Bring your tree to life with the Star Light decoration. Once applied, your tree will be decorated with golden stars, and the strings of lights will animate in a soothing pattern.

FOLIAGE - Change the whole feel of the Tree with new foliage colors! Sets are all copy so cannot be passed to other avatars but can be applied to as many trees as you like, sets also include bonus Wreaths and decor items.

4) When you are done, click on the base of the tree to turn off the highlighting, or wait for the timer to run out.

Decorate - See "Decorating The Tree"
Undecorate - Return all no-copy ornaments to you and reset the tree.
Adjust - Allows you to cycle through ornaments you have already placed by clicking on ball ornaments and candles.
Resize - Gives options to resize the tree, making it larger or smaller. Note: Land Impact will increase as the size of the tree increases.
Volume - Set the music volume anywhere from 1-10 or "Off" (Only visible when a musical topper is attached)
Lights:Anim - Set the strings of lights into animated mode (Only visible when star light is added)
Lights:Static - Stop the strings of lights from animating (Only visible when star light is added)
Rewrite - Shown to owner only when a message paper is touched. Use this option to replace the default quote with one of your own that others can see by touching. Please note a version 2.4 compliant viewer is required to rewrite quotes.