Tuesday, February 25, 2020


10 times 30 makes ...... I am almost in time to let you know that the last few days of this 10th anniversary of 30L is on until the 27 February ( and perhaps even more, as Redeux....). I hope you enjoy the 30L deals and great stores. Here's the official website with shopping guide: https://30levents.wordpress.com/
Always yours,

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Friday, February 14, 2020

A late Libertine Valentine

Today starts the long lover's weekend. With new releases, promotions, specials, deals, gifts and more, starting from the Home & Garden Expo where you can lounge in the Manor's front garden and donate to RFL, to ROMP with elegant kink and a new dormeuse in collaboration with Atelier Visconti; from Redeux with Fallen and Libertine themed deals to a weekend with 35L deals and a flash 1L1H. Gifts are hidden at the Expo for those who read, while keep an eye at the group for this weekend specials.
Wishing you a happy lover's day,

35L Sunday, 1L1H and more will take place at the Libertine Showroom, deals will be announced during the weekend.
Home & Garden Expo, February, 13 - March, 4

ROMP, February, 11 - 25

Redeux, February, 14 - 21
FUll guide on: https://redeux-sl.com/
Exclusive Preview and Stalls:

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Lousy T-shirts, Deals, Countdowns, Confessions, Fallen cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!

It's the second day of this Sale weekend and everyone has been just absolutely magnificent. Thanks for the support to everyone, for promoting, purchasing, being enthusiastic and bringing shenanigans to the Temple (yes am talking about you, Clover and Jilly).
Today I have more Special 35L deals added to Yesterday's 30L which I'm keeping out longer for the duration of the sale, I am going to participate to 1H1L for the first time and I rezzed a bunch of free lousy t-shirts for everyone. I am also adding a personal note below and an explanation of the 1H1L event and how to follow it inworld. I hope you had and are having fun, getting things you enjoy and I thank you again for the incredible support,

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A dark winter's sale: 30% off Storewide Sale more info here
30L Saturday
35L Sunday

About the Event: 1L1H
A peculiar type of event where you make a promotion for an item at the price of one linden for one hour. You need to be part of a group where it gets announced and use a countdown panel where it shows the time left for the promotion. I suggest you join the group if you are interested as I'll advertise the promotions there during future sales of this kind.
The first will start today sometime after 1pm slt. I hope you'll enjoy!
Url for the Event group

Previews f Event Deals:

 Pax for 1L1H (starting some time after 1pm slt)
(unreleased and unavailable from regular stock atm.)

 Bouquet, Single stem for 30L Saturday
(still up, currently unreleased and unavailable from regular stock)

 Breathless and many Gachas for 35L Sunday
(all currently discounted from regular stock)

And don't forget the current weekend storewide sale
click here for link to post

A personal note
I know a lot of you got worried about me for throwing this sale, but I want to reassure you: financially I am doing fine. You need to see this as a small shift in style since I Am aware I won't be able to participate in many events for the next months because of my health issues and I will need to focus all of my few energies left to Fantasy Faire. This is why I will have now more often sales, much less new releases and try to invest my good awake times and energies in bringing you the same quality experience as every year this April at the Faire. So don't worry, enjoy the sales if you can afford it, and if you can't enjoy the fun, t-shirts, community and keep the spirit high because that also keeps mine.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

A dark winter's sale

It’s an “I have Fallen and can’t get up so I need a Sale” type of Sale.
I hope you’ll enjoy, find something you like and make this winter brighter.
Thanks for the visit and for checking out my creations.

A dark winter's sale: 30% off Storewide Sale
Starts: Saturday, 8 February 1 am SLT
Ends: Monday, 1 am slt

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PLEASE NOTE THAT: Sale applies to everything except Libertine, builds, Faida collab. and gift cards.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Mystical Market

A Mystical Market for this winter, everything 25% off. I felt I did not manage to let you know in time about Midwinter Fair earlier this January so I included the sales that were at the event plus double the deals new for this Market. Hope you enjoy,