Sunday, July 18, 2021

Forceful Prosperity


New skin sets inspired by Andorians and the Orion Syndicate at 'Chronicles & Legends' and discounted 30%.

Hope you enjoy,

P.S. Don't forget your free tintable Eyebrows, now available at events and mainstore.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

When do I get my updated skin?

Thanks for your support and patience, my intention is always to make my creations livable and usable as you best can and I aim to get things done as it's in my capabilities. Yours, 

About Skin Updates & Releases
Am adding a few informations here about the update process and current new releases. I got a few questions about when older Pure will be updated and why I am releasing more pures. As you know I have to release new and exclusives creations for events, so what I've been doing the last year and some was integrating the Pure skin line, and a few others, by adding new tones through events. I am soon to be completed with Pures which means only a few tones I had in mind for the original collection, or heritage color pack, will be added.
This July I aim to update all the past Pures and add the last few tones in a new more old school display, so no scrolling vendor, BOM implemented, NB and PG added, and cleaned of obsolete appliers plus adding the Complete range on Marketplace.

What Happens next?
- Once I have the basics out I plan to update Dracos and release a full range, similar as it was in the past with full color schemes.
- New Pure color sets, from darker shades, to paler shades, to bi-tonal shades. (longer project with a longer span of releases)
- Materials added to all Metals, Frost and Dryad skin sets in packs
- Fix and update of Scales and full color range
- Oceanica, Opals full color range
.- ..and then take aim at all the current skin sets, update them if necessary and give each more variations and possibilities.

What about New Stuff
- One of my biggest aims is Humanitas, by adding a complete range of Human tones that then I can evolve in semi humans by a variety of genetics, be it scales, scars, glows, etc.
- More Orc tones definitely
- Return of the Arboreals

Why don't you just update things first?
- Sadly updates do not pay my bills as much as new releases, otherwise, I definitely would.