Sunday, July 21, 2019

Refreshed Breeze

19th Medieval Fantasy Hunt "Realms of the Rising Sun" started yesterday bringing you a refreshed breezy tattoo. Hope you enjoy!
Hint: "A libertine screen shields you from Breeze."

More about the Hunt (Link)
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Saturday, July 20, 2019


Today starts a summer-long promotion and special that will take place at the Temple: with the re-introduction and update of 16 skins plus 8 new releases, mini outfits and the foam tattoo, everything mer themed. More creations and integrations for your mer look are planned and will come out during this summer season, but today there's two 30L Saturday specials to not miss just freshly re-released. Hope you enjoy!

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IMPORTANT Information about Updates
- Automatic Updates will be issued to those that already own the first Oceanica skins released back in 2015. In case the update is not shipped to you or you wish to get your copy faster you can use the redelivery terminal or ANY Casper vendor where from the blue menu you can choose -redeliver-. Just and only in the case your product is not listed on the redelivery terminal or you have problems accessing the terminal itself, please contact my CSR Sonya Marmurek who will instruct you on a further update process.

- The 'Foam tattoo' will not be updated automatically, it requires a second purchase to acquire the appliers. this weekend the product is 30L precisely for this.

- Oceanica skin sets won't longer come with the original tail set which I never found good enough as quality and effect, the price of the sets is thus lowered and the mini outfit can be purchased separately. For those already owning the set be sure to not delete the older set as includes those features that are no longer provided.

- Currently, in progress, there's an applier integration for Yabusaka tails.
- Eclipse and Ivory Still and Pure will be updated soon too with PG & NB options.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

A returning Bibliophile delight

20 000 Leagues under the sea, a Bibliophile Delight, is discounted and available from today on sale as special for the 30L. Hope you enjoy,


Also a heads up about older releases being now available at the Temple, such as Siren's call, Sanctum, Ascension, Corner Bookcase and a Casual Persian rug.

Thursday, July 4, 2019


Abyss, Cerulean and Sapphire are 3 new pure tones, a bigger color range selection for those blue at heart. At "We Love Roleplay", as usual 30% offf. Hope you enjoy,
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(The event opens on the 4th at 1 pm slt)

In addition, The Manhattan Project face tattoo is now for sale as Special for the 30L Saturday Event, including a few additional variants, omega and pre-tinted in black. All at the Temple
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(The event starts on the 4th at 1 am slt)