Friday, September 30, 2016

Sunshine of Creation

Thank you my Rabbit for the picture.

Let there be light, let there be warmth, let there be life.
The darker seasons approach and mine started earlier this year, so with a piece of my heart thorn apart I welcome the circle of life that is inside of us, inside the community, the bonds, the time spent to built those which is 9 years.
The Festival of Fallen Gods Starts tomorrow and your official invite is on the way, meanwhile I invite you to stalk the creators setting up in the garden, spy if the Fortune Teller is up yet and enjoy it lagless why it lasts, with the hope it will fill up with life, joy and fun for the next month to come.

I know that song my meant I am single, but I just like the title and main lyrics...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Total Eclipse of Scales

Scales Eclipse for the Fantasy Collective.
Hope you enjoy

The Fantasy Collective:

Don't Forget the Contests leading to the Anniversary Festivities:
God & Goddess Election
Wisdom of Fortune
Festival Schedule
And be sure to keep an eye on the Blog for all the events currently going on, from Hunts to Gacha Fairs.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wisdom of Fortune

Deadline Extended!

The Fortune Teller knew that the time to return was soon. The Call from the Temple in Selidor was growing stronger each passing day. Yet he resisted, struggled against the pull that the gathering of Fallens always caused. He felt dreadfully unprepared and concerned about his lines, his wisdom that he loved sharing with people. So many years, so many thoughts and advice offered and always the same. It was time to face the truth: he was repeating himself. Like a parrot.

He sighed and curled his ethereal wisp of a body tighter within the glowing sphere he inhabited the rest of the year. He would not go. Not with these same eternal platitudes, these dull repetitions that made him sound like some sort of a machine... no, just no.

Unless... unless there was a way to learn new wisdom. Perhaps some sage individual could share their advice and thoughts with him, and then he could pass that forward! The magic orb shone brighter for a moment, a curious glow of turquoise and gold as the Fortune Teller began to ponder the possibilities.

Fallens were the key. He knew that now. All these years he had poured wisdom into them, it was time for them to return the favor, to form a circle of wisdom, flowing back and forth. Perhaps he would even reward the ones that delighted him the most. The Fortune Teller smiled, reaching a wisp of a hand to touch the energies calling him toward Selidor, sending out a call of his own.

* * *

This is a simple contest where everyone gets to suggest what the Fortune Teller should say when he delivers his judgment on your compatibility. Pick your suggestion: a philosophical pondering, a wise quote, a funny phrase, a sage advice, a cooking recipe, whatever you think he should say.

Write the suggestion on a notecard, include your name in it and drag the notecard into the suggestion box in the temple, it's right here:

The deadline for suggestions is at midnight SLT on Tuesday, 30th September.

Most of the suggestions will end up in the Fortune Teller's repertoire and the very best ones are rewarded with this year's prizes without having to find your perfect match!

Please help the Fortune Teller return, the Anniversary Festival won't be the same without him.

* * *

The report carefully and truthfully scribbled down according to all the Fallen Scholastic Traditions by Sonya Marmurek.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


"Long was the way that fate them bore,
O'er stony mountains cold and grey,
Through halls of iron and darkling door,
And woods of nightshade morrowless.
The Sundering Seas between them lay,
And yet at last they met once more,
And long ago they passed away
In the forest singing sorrowless."

For my first round at Jackpot Gacha I bring you the Song of the Holy Ones, Ainulindale and it's marks. Two Gachas that are part of the same theme, one with body tattoos and special skins with the carved theme and the other with a variation of face marks, plus a special mark as a gift for you.
I hope you'll enjoy,

Slurl to Jackpot Gacha

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fallen God & Goddess Contest 2016

Dear Fallens, 
I would like to invite you to the 9th Fallen God and Goddess Contest: where everyone is given a chance to shine as a Deity on a prim wall in the Temple and get their sexy fantasy selves clicked for Fame and Glory, but expecially to... bond with fellow Fallens, get a special Participation prize whatever your results are. Remember that there are many categories and Juries, so even you could be a Winner. I hope to see all of you, it's my way to thank you for your wonderful support through the past year and enjoy some time together, 
To soon, 

Prizes this year will be transferable gift cards with no due date!

Fallen God and Goddess Contest 2016 ♀

◆ Picture Delivery Deadline: Friday 7 October 2016, 11 pm slt.
◆ Pictures shall be delivered to Sonya Marmurek (she's my partner, just click her from my profile)
◆ Voting Opens: Sunday 8 October 2016, 2 am slt
◆ Voting Closes & Election: Sunday 16 October 2016, 11 am slt
◆ Get a Participation Special Skin just for entering the Contest!

◆ Very Important: Please. Do not contact me about anything concerning the election in IM or by note. I will have a very busy time until the Anniversary. (Please remember to send your pics to Sonya). Anything else that will be needed to know will come by Group notice, all the rest you need to know is written on this post.

Thanks for participating Fallens, you are divine!

Criteria: Best Artwork, Avatar Style, Competition Spirit and Fallen Attitude.
Jury: Alia, The Flesh Carver, that goth bastard & Friends.
▶ First Prize: Fallen God or Goddess Title 2016, L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: L$500 Gift Card

Criteria: Number of clicked votes on panels.
Jury: Any avatar that joins the Fallen Group and is at least one month old.
▶ First Prize: L$10000 Gift Card
▶ Second Prize: L$2000 Gift Card
▶ Third Prize: L$1000 Gift Card
▶ Runner up: L$500 Gift Card

Criteria: Flesh Carver's Choice.
Jury: Alia Baroque.
▶ Prize for each of the Following Awards: L$1000 Gift Card

List of Some Classical Awards: Hormones Award, Heaven and Hell Award, Rubber Gloves Award, Antigod and Goddess Award...and much more secret ones. They all have both gender winners and take in consideration themes and interpretations.

★ All contestants will receive a limited edition skin set for participating. ★
♂ ♀All prizes are for male and female, separate competitions.♂ ♀

► You must obey the Rules.
► Failure to obey the Rules will result in extreme otter management.
► You don't want to know what extreme otter management is.(Ask Blaize)

► Create a picture of your SL self, this is the way people will be able to vote you.
Your image will be your presentation card, it will summary all what you want to say so I suggest you take time to choose or to create one that really satisfies and represents you. The artistic value itself of the image and its originality will be for sure something that will help you getting noticed by the voters and jury.
► You need to wear a Fallen Gods Inc. skin. All the rest: location, outfit, etc. is by your choice. It’s the only requirement, since without it the competition itself has no sense.
► There shall be only one avatar in the image, creative exceptions might be considered, but the image has to feature only one contestant (mirrors, projections are fine but might be discussed).
► Petites are part of the Fallens, as long they are Fallen Edition Petites.
► You can participate with just one of your avatars on just one of the gender walls. Please choose the gender with which you identify with most of your time in SL.
► All pics (SL texture files) shall be sent to my partner Sonya Marmurek, she helps me out with the Secretarial matters, Contest and Anniversary. (Thank you Rabbitteer)
► Pictures will be accepted until Friday 7 October 2016, 11 pm slt.

► Textures shall be FULL PERMISSION (copy, modify, transfer)
► Textures shall be renamed as follows: FGI16 name surname (example: FGI16 Donald Trump)
(I will not exclude on prior who mistakes that, but we might not find your texture and so miss to place you in the voting.)
► Picture ratio (proportions) shall be that of a standard snapshot and monitor size (3:2), vertical and square cuts will have your image deformed.
► No added text on the picture.
► Please do not put your image in notecards, boxes or folders.
► Only one picture for contestant. Delivering more than one will result in simply using the first one delivered.

- All Gift cards will be delivered the next day following the Election, 17 October 2016: just to get you all ready for Halloween.

- Using your alts to vote for yourself is not nice.
- Offering free sex to noobs for a vote though is welcomed and encouraged.

Just. Don't.
It's already sad I have to add this chapter in here. Very sad.
I do this for you folks to have fun with, to thank you for your support, to make new friends, to have a good time at the temple, to get a free skin while just sending me a 10L snapshot (yes I do accept everyone and all). I do this from very long and during this time of the year I wish to celebrate Second Life, our community and just enjoy ourselves. If you are not capable to manage competition stress, self insecurities, disagree with the rules, voting and judging criteria, and have personal issues about the whole, do NOT participate.
Thank you.

Have fun and get laid, or take a nap, naps are good... we are getting older.

SUMMARY: rename pic as example, set permissions to copy modify and transfer (full perm), drop texture/pic alone to Sonya Marmurek then enjoy the election weeks until the Anniversary Party. Have fun!

FLICKR Official Group
FLICKR Election Group

°>°>°>__(;)__  Penguins on the beach staring at a butt Emoticon, TM Alia

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

La Buona Ventura

The Twisted Hunt's Fall Round is on, and it brings you Divination. Engage in the infamous Gridwide Hunt to find all kinds of fortunes and surprise your own Fate by completing it till the End Game Survivor room where more Prices and even Gachas can be found.
The best of Omens,

Official Website:

Stuff is going on, soon you'll know what kind of stuff and things.