Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wisdom of Fortune

Deadline Extended!

The Fortune Teller knew that the time to return was soon. The Call from the Temple in Selidor was growing stronger each passing day. Yet he resisted, struggled against the pull that the gathering of Fallens always caused. He felt dreadfully unprepared and concerned about his lines, his wisdom that he loved sharing with people. So many years, so many thoughts and advice offered and always the same. It was time to face the truth: he was repeating himself. Like a parrot.

He sighed and curled his ethereal wisp of a body tighter within the glowing sphere he inhabited the rest of the year. He would not go. Not with these same eternal platitudes, these dull repetitions that made him sound like some sort of a machine... no, just no.

Unless... unless there was a way to learn new wisdom. Perhaps some sage individual could share their advice and thoughts with him, and then he could pass that forward! The magic orb shone brighter for a moment, a curious glow of turquoise and gold as the Fortune Teller began to ponder the possibilities.

Fallens were the key. He knew that now. All these years he had poured wisdom into them, it was time for them to return the favor, to form a circle of wisdom, flowing back and forth. Perhaps he would even reward the ones that delighted him the most. The Fortune Teller smiled, reaching a wisp of a hand to touch the energies calling him toward Selidor, sending out a call of his own.

* * *

This is a simple contest where everyone gets to suggest what the Fortune Teller should say when he delivers his judgment on your compatibility. Pick your suggestion: a philosophical pondering, a wise quote, a funny phrase, a sage advice, a cooking recipe, whatever you think he should say.

Write the suggestion on a notecard, include your name in it and drag the notecard into the suggestion box in the temple, it's right here:

The deadline for suggestions is at midnight SLT on Tuesday, 30th September.

Most of the suggestions will end up in the Fortune Teller's repertoire and the very best ones are rewarded with this year's prizes without having to find your perfect match!

Please help the Fortune Teller return, the Anniversary Festival won't be the same without him.

* * *

The report carefully and truthfully scribbled down according to all the Fallen Scholastic Traditions by Sonya Marmurek.

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