Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Treasure Hunt

The Easter Chocolate Bunny egg hunt has started!
Will last till the end of Monday, five eggs to find and each one has a clue in a notecard for the following one to catch and eat... and transform into a mutant chocolate Humanoid Bunny! (see the choco bunny orgy up in the pick) Hope you like it, and have fun :)

Product Informations

Here are a few informations on our products, commissions and offers.
Cordially Yours,
Alia Baroque
Commissions closed untill further notice.
All skins are now copy only.
Are yes copy, and yes modify but NO transfer. So you can adapt it on your will and not loose the original purchase.
No modify, yes copy, but no transfer.
Always copy and modify, and NO transfer.
Only due to script errors, with prove of purchased item and vendor location. IM must be sent in 24 hours. I will not refund in lindens, but giving you the right product. Also try the Demos, completely and be sure before purchasing a model of skin.
Join the Group Fallen Gods Inc., I tend to make special offers and treasure hunts

Some short guidelines about questions you may have and various informations:
- SKINS NOT LOADING: A SL issue, try to rebake textures or relog, I fight against it every day
- SINGLE SKINS SALE: If I placed them on sale as pack then I decided to follow this policy. Portrait skins will be sold as packs, always.
- HAIR ON MODELS: I placed a notecard giver near the freebies called Hair INFO, you can get all the informations there :)
- HOW TO DO SKINS: Google can help you to find a lot of tutorials. I follow a different style, I paint my skins, stroke by stroke. Please don't ask me to show you because it would need RL abilities and design experience. I can change my idea only if you have already consistent experience in the sector.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Fallen Gods Idea

I would like to open this first post with a picture of the Temple taken by a dear friend, Skoge, because it rappresents in a way the approach and idea I had of my creations in SL.
I started a small shop at Pitmoshskull, the owner, one of my dearest friends, give me space in the middle of it when the Sim was a lot more different. From the start I felt that I would never be able to have a Mall, or a shop as it is usually seen... The Temple for me means a place to meet, to enjoy, to relax, have fun and then only at the end to look at what I have to offer. The usual way of shopping, as it happens in RL too is a very stressful one, made to push you in buying more than you can, to do it quickly. Well I have a different view. I prefer recreating a rl atmosphere that is forgotten, impossible or too much dated in the past, realistic but impossible to recreate outside of a movie set, or SL :)
So I welcome you to my Temple, Dear Fallens, to enjoy the warm sunset breeze, the Trees moving and stroking each other and the quiet retreat for who wants to reborn in communion with my vision of Beauty.