Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Celebration

A tradition that we in Europe do not celebrate but which I decided to embrace just because it has the word Black in it (pure truth) and allows me to fill the Temple with Black doomsday Banners of despair. It might be also a wonderful opportunity to allow discounts of each of my skin line if anyone wishes to try something new: in a virtual world where stocks are infinite, the concept of Black Friday takes a new turn, so without considering myself a greedy bastard I'll try to wrestle my conscience for the second year in a row and just think do like some discounts. Hope you Enjoy!

Skin Addiction Black Friday Weekend
- Wear the Skin Addiction Group tag to gain a 30% refund, click any black banner to join the group.
- Pick the Gender divided DEMO PACKS, with all the skins on sale
- Find glowy teal circled vendors with the Skin Addiction green tag
- 80 Skins on Sale, at least one type from each skin line.
- 27 to 29 November 2015

At Selidor:

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Name of Pleasure

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is open: the November Round is live and full sim waves leave little room to jump in, so I wish you good luck to access this wonderful creative madness of stalls and boots and talents and Ideas. I am happy to be part of it again with two gachas, Golem & Plaisir.
Hope you enjoy!

SLurl to Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Golem Skin Set Rares 2 for Each Gender, Separate Machines for Gender
Each Skin Set Includes: system skin, body & head appliers for:Omega, Slink, TheMeshProject, Soul ear appliers; Nails for SLink; Midnight Lotus Platinum Genitals for men.
Name of the Golem Commons 9 Unisex Tattoo Colors, Same Tattoos in Each Machine
Each Tattoo Set Includes System Body Tattoo and 2 System Head Options, Full And Face only. System Layers are Tintable. Body Appliers for: Omega, Slink, Themeshproject.

Avec Plaisir 2 Rares & 1 Ultrarare
Rares and Ultrarare come with a Color Hud allowing 18 texture options for many different combinations. Corset can be worn on its own and also matches common skirts.
Faire Plaisir 14 Commons
Each Common set comes with skirt and top in the same pack, unlinked.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Pure Moss

A new Round of We Love Roleplay, a new Pure tone: Moss. Added to the event roll also an Origins Makeup, born with the First Generation Orcs: the Warpaint face tattoo, A small step towards retirement and re edition of the green people. As usual New releases are 30% off, hope you enjoy,

We Love Roleplay SLurl