Sunday, December 25, 2016

Warm Wishes

My best wishes to you and your families for a Merry Christmas-

From the 27/12 I shall consistently be back as myself online with my personal latop. With a slow pace and eyes again full of wonder for our virtual world after a 2 months hiatus, shall approach every day full of new endevours with a pioneering soul. (Already writing this post with an actual keyboard instead of a phone feels quite the revolution.)
I hope your late autumn and early winter was full of warmth and colors and scented rain and I invite you to join us soon for the new Year celebrations at Selidor that will start with the last days of 2016,

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Et suseia

I've been walking for long and yet a part of me wishes to slow down so the pilgrimage can last more, if even a day.But if I slow down, if I stop, I will remain suspended in a bubble of time when what really matters is every day leave everything behind so new things can wait for you. After 600 km I do still have a little less than 200 in this next week, and for how much I try to be here with all if my self I am already starting to miss the Camino. But I'll be home for Christmas, and I already scheduled tinies to Carol at Selidor on the 23. I am also asking Sonya to put a tree up in the Halloween temple so the gift circle and sharing can start, I'll share mine the 23 when online again.
Also..we are plotting penguin party too and you might check Libertine blog, the tree gachas are back plus a new release and gifts at the Midwinter fair. All thanks to Missallsunday that logged with my avatar and did all the setup.
I see you soon, still 18km to walk today .

Again I typed all on phone, I feel invincible...

A Twisted Mutation

Last round of treasure chest, again , sorry didn't manage to post those. Had them ready since before I left but my phone refused to login to blogger and the app is drunk.

The Cream of Void

A very late post, I believe the event is over... shall be back when I am back.