Sunday, June 28, 2020


Dear Fallen Libertines,
I hope you will visit and enjoy my contribution to this year's Second Life Birthday Celebration, be it by visiting 'The Planetarium', the 4th and last Zodiac themed place/event of this year or enjoying some shopping at the Store with everything on display at 20% off. In those shifting times I invite you to float with me, take a moment in the stars and return to them. Always yours,

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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Galatea Park

Don't miss this 2020 Relay weekend, hope you enjoy the Park.
Always primming around,

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The RFL weekend sites will be open until Thursday (allegedly).

Thanks to Sonya, Nadja and Avariel for the lovely pictures: 
(and everyone that is visiting and taking mementos)
Galatea Park 3 Galatea Park 4 Galatea Park 5 Galatea Park 1 Galatea Park 2 Galatea Park - 03 Galatea Park - 02 Galatea Park - 01 Chronicles of Adair: Journey's End RFL2020 - Galatea Park, by Alia Baroque RFL2020 - Galatea Park, by Alia Baroque