Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Scales reborn

Scales were released in October 2009 for that year's Anniversary, together with Feathers, Fur and Hybrids. A few years ago I re-started the series with new pure face and body genetics, but with more design and 3d painting tools I could not unsee the many flaws the older design had. The series itself as tones was one of the first and in my opinion unbalanced, so I made the choice to put Scales on standby until I find time to rework completely the body scales design and fix the many issues I was unable to ignore.
The time has come this autumn and with the anniversary Scales have returned, in many new tones with the current options, but the older tones are still in need of updates. I compiled a list here of the current update schedule, new released tones and the new Scales at "We Love Roleplay" Event. I hope you'll enjoy and I will do my best to have them all updated asap, as well as Pures and Dracos,

NEW AT We Love Roleplay
Arcane Scales are new, while Coal is discounted at We Love Roleplay, all 30% off.

NEW SCALES skintones
Arcane (currently at event), Blood, Ivory
Coal (currently at event)
IMPORTANT Updated scales will be sent to you, if you cap the delivery you can get a redelivery by clicking the menu on any casper vendor. Updated scales have also fixed skintone, so I suggest you keep your old editions too if you favor them.
Eclipse, Fire, Moss, Water.Silver, Gold

IMPORTANT The List refers only to the commercially available scales editions and not unique special editions. The new Dynasty series is considered an enriched Scales line that will be included in the Scales panel and section, with the exception of the Full avatars that will be in their own area at the Temple.