Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Bloody Faes

Anarchy Amusement

Dear Fallens, 
There are new summer releases going on and since am around traveling I'll show it all here. Hope you enjoy, 

Thank you Sonya for the bloody awesome fashion pics for Whistles: rabbits can slaughter quite nicely. My bunny's blog is here.

(She is Wearing a Logo Mesh Head with Ivory Skintone Omega applier.)

By now I drank 3 coffees to excuse my wifi abuse in this café, traveled 12 km to get Interwebs and am up to go buy groceries that include one Malibu, Pelinkovac, Radler, Beer, Winewhile the other bunch of bastards is sleeping... I see you in September folks, still on Holidays (And I saw an elder Goffrey (Pics will be provided) advertising tours in one of my family towns, Dubrovnik. I am easily entertained.)

The Illusion Point: Opalfae Seth and Eden
The Fantasy Collective: Whistles, Slaughter Edition

Natural Red Accents, Surely.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Be Still

A still option of Oceanica basic tones.
Hope you enjoy,

At Enchantment


Summer's Fantasy Gacha Carnival round is here and it's all about Dresses. Poesia as Gacha and a limited Set of Whispers, a lovely collaboration with Titania from Faida.
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 10, 2015

I am the Night

Sidera, because we are all made of stars, at We Love Roleplay.
A new release, as always discounted 30% off.
SLurl to the new Location.