Friday, April 29, 2022


Ankh / Life
Break the Curse of the primeval Darkness.
Strengthen the children of Atum Ra and bring back the Sun, bring Opet back to Life.

Ankh (event also commonly known as the Jail and Bail of Alia Baroque) will be held on Opet, Friday 29 from 4 to 6 pm slt. Participate in breaking the curse of Darkness: two new incarnations and exclusive skin sets available just for the duration of the event will set the fate of Opet, representing Nut the Goddess of the Night Sky, and Geb the God of the dry land, both children of the First God, Atum Ra. I hope to see you there,

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to attend the event due to time constraints you can contact Sonya Marmurek, my partner, inworld. She will collect your name and donation, and put it in the RFL vendors at the Event. The skin sets will be delivered to you the following days.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Garvie, Poly, Lorin, Saiyge, Alial and all of you

Opet was a vision, an evolution of the Golden Delta that started with my first store back in autumn of 2007 and evolved through almost 15 years of SL, skill, potential, but also friendship.
The Golden delta is a sensation, a set of scents, memories from my childhood, imagination and fantasies. It is a set of perceptions from media, from knowledge, from novels, from real life travel, from dreams.
As I set foot in Second Life and started to build, the Bed of the Pharaoh was what I wanted to call home, it was the first Temple of the Fallen Gods Incarnated. It was where all started and where it will eventually end, one day, the end that is always transformation. Because Beginnings and Ends are all part of one thing only, Life.

There would be no Opet without Garvie Garzo and Alial Allen, two of the most talented sculptors in Second Life who with their passion, crafts, skills, and joyful nature always helped me shape a vision, bringing their own idea and interpretation as I could never anticipate.

There would be no Opet without Polyhistor Serpente which has the ability to mold and transform Second Life lights and waters under her will into a magical atmosphere that caresses perfectly the sands, the stones, and darkness.

There would be no Opet without Lorin Tone, the master of second life sound design bringing distant flutes and music, the soft wind and breeze into your ears with such reality even the heat of the Sun cannot save you from goosebumps.

There would be no Opet without Saiyge Lotus, who just with a touch made the sands alive, and as the Golden Delta was windblown, so was Opet, spraying dust to her Junction, patiently supporting my vision for years with friendship and care.

There would be no Opet without Encaitaron Korobase, my trusted boatman who brings the traveling wandering ships to my regions every second year.

And ultimately there would be no Opet without You, all of you, that with your eyes, memories and experience make the Fairelands live. As I Am just a bringer of vision, but you are the bringer of Life.

Picture by Sunny Difference

Opet by Alia Baroque
Machinima by Colemaie Soleil

Thoth's apprentice

Picture by Sunny Difference

Thoth's Apprentice: Opet Daily Hunt
at Fantasy Faire 2022

Dear Fairelander,
Every day of the Faire, starting on April 26th until May 8th, you will be able to search for Thoth's wisdom and teachings.
Join the hunt and become a Priest of Thoth with the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients.
Opet welcomes you.

How to Hunt
Tablet hints will appear daily in Thoth's Sesh Hall.
Look for the current active teaching and tablet, click it and get a hint.
With the hint explore Opet and find the matching hieroglyphs.

Each Teaching is available only on a given day.

“The problem of human existence is the forgetfulness of the Divine essence of the Self and the identification with the body as the Self.”
The Egyptian Book of the Dead

(A quote, not a Hint)

Picture by Caitlin Tobias

Monday, April 25, 2022

Dynasty of Life

Opet full avatar incarnations have arrived in the form of  Dynasty Ankh. Bringing new life to the Golden Delta, the sets are discounted 20% off, can be mixed with all Dynasty gold elements and they are 100% to benefit RFL of SL. I hope you'll enjoy,

So far the Complete Dynasty Line includes:

Sunday, April 24, 2022


Return to the Golden Delta for the festival of the Gods and fertility, Opet. The Fairelands have returned opening their realm doors once again for the next three weeks and are already vibrating with life, creativity, entertainment and solidarity. I hope to see you there,

Fallen Gods Inc. Releases
There is an often updated Schedule at the Temple in Opet where you can find all the info for what will come next, including Full Avatar releases, Petite releases, themed releases, Opet elements and details, Libertine furniture exclusives, Special Egg collectibles, Jail and Bail Event, Quest prizes and the soon incoming Thoth Apprentice daily hunt.

About the Faire
Everything you need to know is on the official website, so much information and so much exploration for you to do on all the regions. Between parties, roleplay, gaming or just mingling with fellow visitors the days ahead will be full of wonders.

Welcome to Opet at the Fantasy Faire 2022 Small Gods Opet - Sitting on the ledge, watching the boats FF2022 - Opet Fantasy Faire - Opet Region Fantasy Faire 2022 - Opet Opet FF2022 - Opet FF22- Opet FF2022 - Opet Opet by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods - One Sun - Fantasy Faire 2022 - Opet

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Countdown to Opet

The Countdown to Opet has begun. Return to the Golden Delta for Fantasy Faire 2022, from April 21 to May 8. I'll see you there, 

IN NOTICES - Countdown to Opet
More Info about the Fantasy Faire: