Sunday, February 22, 2015


Halasy & Baroque present you another joint effort of Sartoria Italiana that Magnificats your imagination. (and yes there's a series of puns in that phrase because we are thinking of a collaborative brand right now, and one of those is the correct). Even if we miscomunicate our dates, teeth are pulled off, families are having lunches and dinners and there are social needs and kids we have to gamble upon, we manage to truly enjoy creating together and we hope you enjoy the results available now at the Fantasy Collective *bows, whistles a tune*


The Fantasy Collective SLurl:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

more human than human

The Evolution of Evolution and the steel for your Materica: Futurewave just landed in SL for this year of bit pixels and am very glad ot be part of it. 
The sequential releases will cover the whole duration of the event till the 1st of March, Spiral style, with the opening Materica Steel in female gen4 and now this weekend release of Technologic Evolution tattoo (plus relative retirement of the skin line). Take a walk on the glowy pads that follow your steps around to view amazing futuristic creations and enjoy the event, 
Your inhuman,

Futurewave SLurl:

Official Website:

Friday, February 13, 2015

Ah, More

Ah, more, nema veče ljubavi... htijeli ste reči Amore? Ah ho capito, stai cercando di parlare in croato anche se nessuno ti capirà... va bene, lasciamo questo gergo dantesco e torniamo alla parola comune, il signor Inglese: because love speaks only one language.

Maybe I am getting romantic, maybe I am just using it as a cunning and clever marketing plan, or maybe I am just slightly overworked.... who knows. Jaled, male outfits in collaboration with Faida for The Countdown Room special Valentine "That's Amore". Hope you enjoy and have a 365 good Valentine days, 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


A first time for many things: the first Generation 4 female Fallen Gods Inc. skin released, the first time at Fantasy Gacha Carnival and the first time with this tattoo/skin dynamic gacha. Wishing you a wonderful Fable and thank you so much for playing,

Fantasy Gacha Carnival SLurl:
Official Website:

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why so serious?

Dear Fallen Insanes...

WE killed the old clowns.
WE ripped their faces off.
Now you can buy them Discounted 30% off at the Roleplay Circus.
Because WE Love Roleplay.



But also about:
The Old Clown skins were made when there was no tattoo layer in SL, so there as no way to have a makeup separate from the rest of the body. This remake has been on my project list quite long and I finally got back to it on the Month of Masks and Carnival, February.
The Circus of Fallen Gods Inc. was released during the 2nd Edition of Fantasy Faire, and my first year as Sponsor (Dark Realms). I let them go with fond memories and embrace their new more approachable identity, where you can be a street Villain Clown, a classical Circus performer or even a classical medieval jester. Hope you enjoy!

Link to the Old release post:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jolie Proie

Dear Fallen Libertines, 
Jolie Proie is a new collaborative creation between Faida’s original mesh creations and Fallen Gods Inc. hand painted uvmap texturing, Jolie Proie is a mix and match dress in velvet and rich golden lace, with a base dress and two overskirts you can change for different looks. We hope you’ll enjoy our first Enchanted Creature, 
Hope you enjoy, 

Where to get it (FAIDA Mainstore):

This creation is part of the "Enchantment" Event Faida is part of, please check Titania's store for all the informations and purchase. The Dress will be sold at both stores after the event.