Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why so serious?

Dear Fallen Insanes...

WE killed the old clowns.
WE ripped their faces off.
Now you can buy them Discounted 30% off at the Roleplay Circus.
Because WE Love Roleplay.



But also about:
The Old Clown skins were made when there was no tattoo layer in SL, so there as no way to have a makeup separate from the rest of the body. This remake has been on my project list quite long and I finally got back to it on the Month of Masks and Carnival, February.
The Circus of Fallen Gods Inc. was released during the 2nd Edition of Fantasy Faire, and my first year as Sponsor (Dark Realms). I let them go with fond memories and embrace their new more approachable identity, where you can be a street Villain Clown, a classical Circus performer or even a classical medieval jester. Hope you enjoy!

Link to the Old release post:

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