Sunday, December 12, 2021

A shopping drunken Carol

In the heart of this Yule season are a few events with a connection: the Ghosts of Christmas. A project I had in my lab for a few years and waiting for its chance to be shared with you. You can find each of the Ghosts of Christmas, Past, Present and Future, at 3 events: Shop & Hop. A Shopping Carol and a Drunken Elf. There are also new releases, discounts and more gifts for you at each location plus new gifts and transferable items at Twisted Krissmuss. Hope you enjoy,

More about the Events:
A Shopping Carol / 6 December - 26 December TELEPORT
New Release: Yule Candle; Gift: Ghost of Christmas Past & Yule specials

Shop & Hop / 8 December - 2 January TELEPORT
Seasonal market with discounts; Gift: Ghost of Christmas Present & Yule specials

A Drunken Elf / 11 December - 9 January TELEPORT
Seasonal market; Gift: Ghost of Christmas Future & Yule specials

Twisted Krissmus / 11 December  - 3 January TELEPORT
Seasonal market with new release; Gift: Yule specials

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