Monday, October 14, 2019

12th Anniversary Party

You are invited to....
19/OCTOBER/2019 Saturday, 11 am - 11 pm
12 Hours, 8 Djs, 7 themed Contests with 14 Gift Cards to win. Join us for the Ultimate Party catastrophe and Celebrate with us! 
☂ 11.00am - 1pm ★ DJ Lainey Thorne ★
☂ 1- 2.30pm ★ DJ The Freak Magnet ★ 
☂ 2.30-4pm ★ DJ David Abbot ★ 
☂ 4-5.30pm ★ DJ Glitchmode ★ 
☂ 5.30-7pm ★ DJ Dave ★ 
☂ 7-8.30pm ★ DJ Kirana Rawley ★ 
☂ 8.30-11pm ★ DJS Vasa & Random Aine ★ 
For an updated schedule and list of events visit:

- Except the first theme (The Fallen Divines) you can wear any creator's look or avatar
- Contest boards will be separated by gender
(If you mistake board you will be automatically disqualified by the wrong one so don't worry about joining the correct one after. If you are gender neutral pick one you identify with more or prefer during that shift)
- Only people in themed costumes can participate and join the boards.
- Every Winner gets a 1000L$ Gift Card, transferable, to spend at Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine vendors (works only with gen 2 Casper vendor products)

11am-1pm slt
★ The Fallen Divines, with DJ Lainey Thorne ★
The traditional opening of the Anniversary Party, with all the Fallen Gods and Goddesses showcasing their best looks and outfits. This is the only look contest where a Fallen Gods Inc. skin is required.

1-2.30pm slt
★ The Zodiac, with DJ The Freak Magnet ★
Incarnate your own Zodiac sign or your favorite constellation, be the Guardian of Stars or the Master of Astrology. This theme is all about astrology, the horoscope and Zodiacal signs.

2.30-4pm slt
★ Fallen Asylum Inc., with DJ David Abbot ★
The variety of crazy looks, the colors of all kind of possible avatars in what can only be Second Life insane creativity.

4-5.30pm slt
★ Monster Mash Halloween Bash, with DJ Glitchmode ★
An all out traditional Halloween shift with all you can think of buffet, from evil clowns to slasher movies.

5.30-7pm slt
★ Where noone has gone before, with DJ Dave ★
From steampunk to high technology, alternate universes and alien races in a full-on Science Fiction and futuristic shift.

7-8.30pm slt
★ Magic Realms and Enchanted Forests, with DJ Kirana Rawley ★
Distant drums call all forest folk, from orcs to centaurs, from faes to satyrs, from dryads to witches to come for a night dance of fires and senses.

8.30-11pm slt
★ Nearly Naked & Jammies Time, with Djs Vasa & Random Aine ★
Let's get ready for bed and wrap up this party, choose your style of sleep attire: best censorships, non-nude nudes, pasties, pajamas and Non NSFW nsfw, tinies welcome.

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