Friday, October 25, 2019

Slime or Treat!

Every year Halloween escapes me, due to the Anniversary taking the whole month of October, I can only enjoy and express my enthusiasm for this festivity on other grounds and not Selidor. This year I started a small compromise, dedicating a mini area in the Temple for Halloween with the hope next year more will come again. Your Santa Carver brings you this year very old remains, skin pieces, resurrected from 2010, 2011 and 2015, many require BOM so be sure you know what is it and how to use it. Hope you enjoy, try the treats, pies and go check all the other Halloween events am glad to participate in.... and do not forget NOOBCON, tomorrow. Seasonal greetings, 

The Event lasts until Sunday November 3rd, good luck!

FALLENSTEIN 2010, system layers, transfer - Available in the Unlucky Dip, 137 pieces, 15 minutes cooldown
HAPPYZOMBIESTRIPPERS Bikinis 2011, system layers, transfer -  Available in the Apple Bob, 8 colors, 3minutes cooldown
KRAMPUS Fallenstein 2015 special edition, copy - Unlucky Chair, 20 minutes

TELEPORT to the Temple

HALLOWEEN 2019 Events
Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine are participating in

Trick or Treat Lane - Link to Blog post & Info
Hallow Manor - Link to Blog post & Info
Halloween Sales - SLurl to Event

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