Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Applied Physics

For those that are not subscribed to my hippogroup or in the main Fallen Gods group this will come out as a news: I have appliers, and quite many of them by now.
I kept a good rythm since the beginning of August, hoping in a faster coverage but anyway not disappointed with how much I managed to do untill today. I feel more than halfway from having all of my current creations enriched by slink, lola and lotus applier options and I look forward to completing the last bit as soon as I can, so keep tuned!

Appliers released untill now:
Undead. Gods, Goddesses, Angelicus (including Lolas), Clowns, Scales, Feathers, Crystals, Hybrids, Fur, Elementals, Elves, Orcs, Materica, Onyrica

- SLINK Female Hands & Fingernails
- SLINK Female Feet & Toenails
- LOLA Tango Breasts (for female skins and Angelicus)
- SLINK Male Hands & Fingernails
- SLINK Male Feet & Toenails
- Midnight Lotus Platinum Cock (for male skins)

Here's your applier Cake direct SLurl:

Applierently I forgot to move Anemia to the Temple after last Christmas, so with a slight delay of 8 months you can finally get your healthy lack of iron!
Also...Undead appliers are out, hope you enjoy.
Yours as always,
The Undead Carver of Dead Limbs

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