Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Fallen Clockwork

I almost got used to the noise of their limbs moving in those innatural, yet fast and fluid motions. Almost...
Time ago when the pile of rust was laying on the floor of my lab, was just that: an immote mass of materia which waited for better use, and the better use was giving soul to matter. The Clockworks absorbed selidorian orb generated power and moved the constructs, which I was simply assembling as mannequins. They were the first, they were my friends: Anna and Oscar.

The first proto/stero/types, that could make even Hans Voralberg envious, are now available to incarnate at the Clockwork Spiral. As complete avatars, or separates, they await your touch to move.

A  gift for you awaits to help you fly and access the spiral, I wish you a good journey. Get it at the Temple or at the Spiral directly!


SLurl to the CLockwork Spiral:

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