Wednesday, June 2, 2010


wI wonder why, since I subscribe to MMORPG games not more than two months a year, it's always when major patches are up and so I have to stare at download bars.... Anyway, hope you like the bunch of stuff I was throwing out lately, am taking a few weeks of pause from new projects, leading them on slowly to not burst again and faint after too much productive phases. And yes, each time I say that... I get again an "overproductive" phase and then faint.... now this is what shall be called balance.
I will not mention anymore schedules about what am going to release first, so don't ask, will come as it does, I keep involved and enthusiastic if I feel the creative vibe free of any restraint. Just know that, as usual, have really a lot in progress, many many things, some waiting I shall say years to be finalized, and some new ideas that just come to my mind. But it's summer now, so will focus more on time out while it's hot and leave the major stuff for when the cold time gets back worries, does not mean am off till october, just slowing down a little to survive.

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