Friday, November 15, 2019

Enchanted Frost

A Freezing and bright round of Enchantment is live, with the "Snow Queen" theme to lead all ideas, it brings you Frost Pearl. Hope you enjoy, 

A Note about Materials
This edition of skin sets includes also materials option, which uses advanced lighting to enhance the textures surface shine and bumpiness. Inside the sets there are two options to use materials, one with the skin layer and one with the tattoo overlay.

What is advanced lighting? Check this WIKI here

- When should I use the Tattoo materials? Use this option primarily as it allows a better merging with majority of meshes (heads and bodies). It will apply shine only on specific intended areas of the skin allowing a less glossy look overall and avoiding problematic areas as neck seams.
- When should I use the Skin materials? Use this option when the connection between mesh parts is smooth and without gaps, also when you wish your body to be mostly matte ( without shine) and just have materials in specific areas.
- Why does my skin color look different? Using different windlight settings and enabling graphics settings with materials change the overall hue of the skin, as you can see below in the main ad, without advanced lighting Pearl has a warmer tone.

Additional Note: For optimal results tweaking is necessary and it depends a lot by the supported meshes as always, be sure to test your look with a nearby light source and different windlight settings and be an explorer in your best shiny development.

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