Saturday, May 4, 2024

A Faire Release

The last weekend of Fantasy Faire 2024 just started and I am wrapping up all projects, some unfortunately won't see the light of day like Dinkies, but most am happy reached you, There's still a lot coming, from the live auction, parties, silent auction end, shows, bus rides and ritualistic conclusions, so don't despair as we are not over until it's over. Hope you had an excellent Faire time and I finally see you around as I try to take in this year's wonders for the first time. Yours,

Fallen Gods Inc. Quest Prize Update coming very soon today, Libertine Update is available.

What's up:
Silent Auction ending may 4th 1pm / Teleport
May the 4th Sale on Avalon / Teleport
Avalon Litfest Tour, May 4th 5-7pm slt / Teleport
Releases At Avalon / Teleport
Ritual at Avalon / Teleport
FF Quest! 
Live Auction on may 5th / Check Post with previews
Parties, events, shows / Click for Faire Calendar of Events
Bus rides / Improvised
Region Wootable / Check Post on FF Blog
Nothing absolutely happening / May 6th, 11am - 9pm slt
And probably something else I am forgetting.

All Previews:
(Live Auction Previes coming tomorrow)

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