Saturday, May 6, 2017


Divine, a Gacha collaboration with Faida for the Epiphany of the month of April. I apologize for the late notice, it's been a very busy fairing month. Hope you'll enjoy,

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In Bloom

The Rose blossomed yesterday, Tyranny is over and young lush roses fill every pot in the City. Rivas are now accessible and boats you can travel with point its edge. The Rose is alive and in a quiet and romantic disposition. To dance anywhere around the sim there's a Dance ball at the top gardens, near the scalinade. Another news is that the Faire is safely still with us until the 4th of May, giving many of us in the team the chance to visit the sims, quest in the Hunt and go shopping.
I hope you enjoy and thank you for supporting Fantasy Faire, 

For more Specials and news about Fallen Gods Inc, Releases Check this Website's past posts or Inworld Group past notices.
Slurl to the Rose

A collection of Pictures by Talented Faire Photographers, click any picture to visit their Flickr Streams:

Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Rose

The Rose - 1st May The Rose, herself Fantasy Faire 2017 - Dawns Promise seen from The Rose 
Beautiful Views everywhere Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Rose
Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Rose
The Rose - 9 copy The Lion and The Rose
Statues at The Rose are Alive The Rose
Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Rose
FF The Rose Poolside at The Rose
The Rose @ Fantasy Faire 2017 The Rose @ Fantasy Faire 2017
The Rose @ Fantasy Faire 2017
The Rose @ Fantasy Faire 2017 The Rose @ Fantasy Faire 2017
The Rose @ Fantasy Faire 2017 The Rose @ Fantasy Faire 2017
Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Rose (Hideaway) Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Rose (Fountain of Hope) Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Rose (New Heights) Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Rose (Hope, Protect, Pray)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Memories of a Rose

Join us for the Live Auction of memorable items of this year Fantasy Faire, at Opal Flight. The Rose Belltower and Private Danceroom will be available.
Hope you enjoy,
 Tonight at 3 pm slt

Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Sparkling Spirit

New Incarnations are available as of today at Fantasy Faire(which is officially lasting until May the 4th!). Complete avatars for Full sized creatures and Petites are now at the Fallen Gods Inc. Store on The Rose: Spirit comes in Pure, Draco and Opal which benefits RFL of SL, while the new Petites Night Sparkles are available only till the Fairelands sink into the Limbo. Many Special Petites are available also until the end of the Faire, while Eternals are released and will stay.

Thank you so much for your support yesterday at the Jail and Bail event which almost topped 400K L$ and for all of your incredible help on making Fallen Gods a great source of donations and spirit for the Faire. With Gratitude, 

Skin Sets Previews:

Petite Previews:

Newly Re-released Petites:

Past Edition Petites Available for a limited time only!

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Tyrant's End

Choose The Rose's Destiny and join me for an event that will change the Soul of a City. Tonight, 28 April at 3 pm slt at The Rose, Fantasy Faire.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Rare Treasures

When I started playing with little scenarios in Decorated Eggs two years ago I didn't expect them to become such a success, I truly enjoy creating them and is always a special creative moment when I do a new Spring Collection or a special edition for a special moment in my SL life. I often get asked when they can get a special Egg, and many times they are simply unavailable, but I always say that they might be out at Fantasy Faire.

To Honour my promise here's the full collection of Eggs available to you, Special Editions are all available in RFL Vendors to benefit the American Cance society, while two new Collectables just emerged, one as part of the Fairelands Quest and the other as a rare memento of The Rose, on silent Auction.

Also, a preview of the Sim Hunt Memento/Treasure and few of the Rose Decor items for sale as RFL items. I hope you'll enjoy,