Sunday, December 3, 2017


Mariposa is a composable tattoo gacha with two layers that can be worn alone or combined for many different looks and color styles. Pull price is 75L$, with 2 rares and 18 commons. "A Merry Heart" in white is available as a gift at the venue, more colors will be released on different venues during Yule 2017. I Hope you'll enjoy,

Imaginarium is a new event by Gimme Gacha Productions, together with the Guardians and the Gacha Garden, brings you a new fun take on gachaing. You will find a new gacha set, an exclusive you redeem after a number of pulls but also of purchases, because every creator can bring many products that will be discounted to the price of the Gacha pull itself.
For more informations check the official website:

SLurl to the Imaginarium Event

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