Monday, June 18, 2018

Aetherea, Nothing & Everything

Second Life is 15 years old: thriving and full of communities, creativity and enthusiasm as when it was born, Residents and Lindens are ready to celebrate a new world of opportunities that each year brings so much to all of us. Hope you enjoy my contribution to the celebration,

About Aetherea, Nothing & Everything
Day and Night; Sound and Silence; Growth and Decay; Joy and Sadness; Resident and Linden. All what we are and what we are not and its opposite: Aetherea's Nothing and Everything.
Two directions of thoughts, meditate towards the soothing darkness of our inner world or the glorious peak in the light the outer world. A Temple of Thought from me to you.

Slurl to the SLB Temple
SLB15 Website

SL15B Aetherea Veni - Enter Versum
SL15B Aetherea Veni - Forever Faire
SL15B Aetherea Versum - Tao
SL15B Aetherea Versum - Inscriptions
SL15B Aetherea Versum
SL15B Aetherea Veni

Some previews thanks to Sonya 

Friday, June 1, 2018

The Last Expo and Updates

Last days for the Home and Garden Expo and purchases benefitting RFL of SL and your chance to bid on two special items on silent auction, the Leo Lounger Spirit Edition and Gratia Collectable Egg. In addition Sigil Tattoos and Flow skins, Golden Tao and Flow tattoos are now at the mainstore. Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting,

The Libertine Expo SLurl
The Silent Auction SLurl
Fallen Gods Inc. Temple

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