Fallen Gods Inc. Decennial

You are invited to join us for Fallen Gods Inc. 10th Anniversary Party, on Saturday 14 October, starting at 11 pm slt until 11 pm slt. for 12 hours of music, celebration and incredible looks. Let's celebrate with music, vanity and love for life!
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More on Details on the Post: https://tinyurl.com/fgx-party

Join us for a month long Celebration including parties, live shows, performances, contests, chance games where you can win a complete avatar, gifts, a market featuring dozens of outstanding SL creators and a gridwide stamp hunt with rich prizes! 
Fallen Gods Inc. 10th Anniversary runs through the whole month of October but the second week of the month is dedicated specifically to the Events Festival with a busy schedule. We hope you can join us to celebrate together those 10 years of Second Life friendship, community and imagination. I see you on the Islands, 

This is the main reference page for the event with a collection of links to all activities during the celebration, a handy schedule and all pieces of information in one place.

Final Festival Week Schedule

7/10 Saturday
8 am - Contest Voting opens
Come Visit the Temple and Vote your favourites to Elect the Fallen God & Goddess 2017

8/10 Sunday
2 pm - The Night Theater presents "DreamMaker"
4 pm - Live Music: Funky Freddy Republic
Join us for the Opening of the Festival Week with a Unique Theatre Show

9/10 Monday
1-2 pm -  Warbugs: Sky Wars, First Round with DJ Doob
3-4 pm -  Warbugs: Sky Wars, Second Round with DJ Doob
Join us for two sessions of one hour each of Warbug flying battles and win Gift Cards by simply looking as the best Flying Ace in Second Life History or by Piloting Skills. Resident Dj Doob!

10/10 Tuesday
11 am  - NOOBCON Opening Panel: How to SL in SL
2-4 pm - Noob Pride, with DJ David Abbot
4-5 pm - Live Music: Keeba & the Tiny Maniacs
5 pm - Burning Noob
The First Second Life NOOBCON is here, transforming Selidor into a living conceptual rebirth of the Noob Avatar, from 2007 till today, showcase your best Noobness, help Noobs, celebrate Noobism!

11/10 Wednesday
Penguin Late Summer Ice Olympics
6 am - Ice Olympics Opening Party and Penguin Torch carriers
8 pm - Ice Olympics Award Ceremony and Celebration (Fishslapping required) with Dj Aine
The Roof Garden will Host the Ice Olympics Obstacle Course and Open it Gates for a memorable day dedicated to Penguin abilities and sports. Gift Cards to be won to the best athletes!

12/10 Thursday
1 pm - The Night Theater presents "DreamMaker"
A Gentle Day dedicated to Visual arts and Theater with the Encore of a Special Show made for the Festival

13/10 Friday
4pm slt - Melee Tournament
Sharpen your blades and join us for the Ultimate Gladiator challenge! Everyone is welcome, from experienced to casual fighters. You are free to train in the newly setup Sky Arena just for the event.
(Unity Maxim Meter used)

14/10 Saturday
Anniversary Party
11 am - 11 pm
Twelve Hours, Six Djs, 12 themed Contests with 24 Gift Cards to win. Join us for the Ultimate Party catastrophe and Celebrate the Decennial!
More on Details on the Post: https://tinyurl.com/fgx-party

15/10 Sunday
11 am - Fallen God & Goddess Election
Fireworks and Selidor Bay tubing Afterparty will follow after the Election of the Fallen God and Goddes, with a slow tempo warm friendly evening thinking of tomorrow.

All Ongoing Events

Timeless Grid-wide Hunt

Fallen God & Goddess Contest 2017

The Seeker of Memories
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