Fallen Gods Inc. 11th Anniversary

Join us for a month long Celebration including parties, live shows, performances, contests, chance games where you can win a complete avatar, gifts, a market featuring dozens of outstanding SL creators and a gridwide stamp hunt with rich prizes! 
Fallen Gods Inc. 11th Anniversary runs through the whole month of October with a busy schedule and we hope you can join us to celebrate together friendship, community and imagination. I see you on the Islands, 

This is the main reference page for the event with a collection of links to all activities during the celebration, a handy schedule and all pieces of information in one place.

Festival Schedule
(detailed Schedule Below)
All Events
11th Anniversary Festival Market
The Seeker of Memories
Link to the Information Page 
Quasar Grid-wide Hunt
Fallen God & Goddess Contest 2018
Link to the Information Page(entries closed, voting open)
Grand Opening

7/10 Sunday, 3 pm - Cole's Sparkles Spectacular
Official Festival Events Opening with an amazing Music and Particle show by Colemarie Soleil

Activites: Sky Pirates

The Sky Platform Activity area is available during the whole Festival month: Sky Pirates, Warbugs, Sky Ships and a flying friendly whale await you on Annon. Bring your friends and battle the skies and discover new fun games on the Grid.
TELEPORT: SLurl to the Sky Platform

Activites: Melee Tournament
15/10 Monday, 11 am - Training arena opening
19/10 Friday, 4 pm - Melee Tournament
Sharpen your blades and join us for the Ultimate Gladiator challenge! Everyone is welcome, from experienced to casual fighters. You are free to train in the newly setup Sky Arena just for the event. (Unity Maxim Meter used)
TELEPORT here to the Training Area

Activites: Ice Olympics

22/10 11am - Training Area Opening

25/10 4 pm - Ice Olympics Opening Party and Penguin Torch carriers
26/10 4 pm - Ice Olympics Award Ceremony and Celebration 

(Fishslapping required)
The Festival will Host the Ice Olympics Obstacle Course and Open it Gates for a memorable day dedicated to Penguin abilities and sports. Gift Cards to be won to the best athletes!

The Night Theater presents...

Currently Theatre is not confirmed as Aelva is sadly sick, we will post here updates about the upcoming shows and confirm if it's going to go live.Visual arts and Theater Performance with a Special Show made for the Festival
Thursday 18 - 11am Premiere
Thursday 25 - 11am Encore
Saturday 27 - 11am Special Halloween Performance

Anniversary Party
20/10 Saturday, 11 am - 11 pm
Twelve Hours, Six Djs, 12 themed Contests with 24 Gift Cards to win. Join us for the Ultimate Party catastrophe and Celebrate with us! (detailed shifts schedule coming soon)

N O O B C O N 2018
28/10 Sunday, 11am - NOOBCON Opening Panel
28/10 Sunday, 1-3pm- Noob Pride Party
28/10 Sunday, 2pm - Burning Noob

The Second Second Life NOOBCON is here, transforming Selidor into a living conceptual rebirth of the Noob Avatar, from 2007 till today, showcase your best Noobness, help Noobs, celebrate Noobism!

Bay Fireworks & Tubing Ceremony
28/10 Sunday, 3.30pm
Join us in Selidor's Bay for a traditional bumper tubing Fireworks show and music

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