Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Feathered updates

Dear Fallens and blog readers,
This is a small update to all of you who asked me about the Feathers skins often, and I waited a bit if a miracle will happen before writing this, but still I struggle over them. By now, I restarted the skins from blank the 4th time, and I am realizing that doing them as I have it in mind is far more complex than I expected. The difference is that human anathomy is not made for a feathered overlay, and to make it credible there are a lot of things I am discovering that have to be done, and far more difficult than a scales or fur body.
So I ask you some patience, I will work on Feathers between other projects to reach the effect I want, because slowly they are driving me nuts and creatively speaking am a bit overloaded and annoyed by it. They will not be placed apart, far from this, it's a project I care too much about and I think they shall be done decently and as I pictured them. But I really need some break and between feather and feather do other stuff, I hope you will understand me. Here you can see a few captures on what I was working till now, and what you'll not probably see since are abandoned try-outs.

Also, check this amazing video made by ColeMarie for Unzipped featuring the rocking new Reaper outfits and armour, and on which you can see some Fallen Gods paw too, thing that made me very joyful today.