Sunday, February 19, 2012

Petite Royale

Dear little Fallen critters,
I can be absolutely annoying when it comes to refinement; unnerving in My infinite research for new solutions and improvement; absolutely inconsistent in personal choice over makeups and character design; totally futile when it comes on writing notecards in an understandable non arcaic english...
...but I still hope you will enjoy this new Petite Royale and the new Hud driven Makeups.
Do not forget that makeup huds are sold separately and you need already the petite avatar from Fallen Gods Inc.
To enable your petite for new huds or just check what's new, just use the redelivery terminal at the Temple or wait for the automated redelivery to receive the 1.2 Update
Petites Kingdom at Yabusaka:

And this is what kept on My mind the whole time I worked on Royale, since the moment I started to use it as just a name to differ from the usual petites to when I chose actually to use it as official :

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